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  1. forreal? unlike others on here that are looking on how to smash, im actually looking on how to get out of a smash

    anyways, i doubt this beez could even get my dick up

    Is the beezy that hurt or something? how u cant get ur dick up?

    Me and my ex got back together about two weeks ago, trying to work out our issues but we've spend more time arguing than being happy. We've set ourselves a two week ultimatum. If we aren't happy in our relationship by the 7th of March, we will break up for good.

    In the interim of us being broken up, I met a girl through a friend, and I knew she was into me. We had great chat but two days later was when I got back into my relationship. Now the new girl wants to meet for coffee tomorrow afternoon and I would totally love to. Literally don't know what to do. I cant tell if I'm just not willing to put in the effort with my screwed up relationship, especially now there's another girl in the picture, or if I know deep down its just not working and as hard as another break up will be, its not worth it to keep going until March with this.

    break things off, and meet up the other girl... you'll be happier... why go through all that stress trying to revive a dead relationship??

    you guys broke up once because u 2 couldn't work things out... getting back together to try again ain't gonna resolve shit...maybe in the short run, but odds are, sooner or later, the problems will resurface again...

  2. yo wtf does this mean.

    so me and gurl had a class together. we cool, one of those girls you can be bros with, im thinking we gonna be friends, shes a cool girl. shes alright looking nothing id go out of my way for. not really my type.

    so tonight she texts me when shes out with her friends, "without making it weird, youre good looking", im like "yea not weird i get that alot". next text is "we should plan a "hang out".", i tell her im down (thinking this is a casual dinner), but according to her its not? she texts me "i dont think you get it", so i tell her to enlighten me. she tells me to put the pieces together, is this girl asking me out?

    how the fuck do i get out of this but still remain as friends?

    beezy aint asking you out... she wants you to suck a fart out of her and go balls deep in that pussy... theres no way outta this... just smash til your balls hurt

  3. welcome back raj, here goes:

    how do i pick up a sista at a black/african-american party when i'm the only asian there? the novelty factor is overplayed and no matter how much i may fit in, they know im not black enough. i usually just end up with the quiet lowkey girls who aren't dtf anyways

    ps. im a twig so 99% of brothas can/will fuck me up if i'm not careful

    you're Jeremy Lin's cousin... thrice removed

  4. I am looking for a good starter whiskey and or scotch any suggestion?

    Irish = Redbreast 12

    Bourbon = Basil Hayden/Woodford Reserve/Bulleit

    Rye=Sazerac if u can find it...

    Scotch = Lowland/Glenkinchie 12, Highland/Oban 14, Islands/Highland Park 12, Speyside/Macallan 12, Islay/Lagavulin 16

  5. Ouch, another tough loss for the browns. apparently they haven't beat the steelers since 2003. anyone think the packers will lose in the regular season? I still think they're going to lose one game, go 15-1. i think it's going to be either this week's vs the raiders or the last game vs the lions.

    not the raiders gameee


    this just made my day

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