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  1. i got some neg rep for professing my dislike for in n out. but some animal style fries does hit the spot every once in awhile.


    okonomiyaki a few days ago


    nice stuff soepom. home made zongzi on a small scale is the ONLY way to go. eat the extra instead of giving it away :) early bird gets the worm.

    whitney don't let your cupcake fall over!

  2. he's cool but its not the same; i grew up watching price is right at home..everytime i was *cough*cough* sick


    Hahaha when you're still a kid, that's the only way. I had to feign sickness on Saturday mornings to ditch chinese school. Fox Kids...

  3. wow

    this quote is straight outta hypebeast..

    "omg i can't believe you walked in the rain in your unkles man! OMG OMG OMG"

    fucking dumb

    i like how you think the sneaker fetish is fucking dumb but not

    i used to be godly at ddr
  4. I know you resold the apc for as much as I sold them to you, I just wanted to tease you a little bit. My parent's don't give me money for my clothes, or less than yours, and i'd be broke if I paid retail price for everything. I don't really remember me riding dick to make people stop talking shit on me, but I remember you doing it, I wrote the first comment about you because I find you funny, but this is the shit talking thread... Welcome to the internets, and remember, this is serious business.

    pussy (10 chars)

  5. You'll have to sort through all the fake shit or get ripped off if you want real Japanese street stuff. I wouldn't bother in Beijing. Even though the Olympics are coming up to be honest there isn't really anything dope in the city besides historical tourist shit. Get some shark fin soup though, next level.

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