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  1. what do you mean by too big, do you mean it runs larger than the normal NE 7 1/4? my friend had a 7 1/2 and it fit more like a 5/8 to me. i'm interested but please elaborate on the sizing.

  2. haha. comparing nyc and tokyo to a whopper and a big mac...fastfood.

    whopper or big mac...comparing that shit to the miliatry would be far more appropriate. is the navy better than the army? haha! who cares? both are fastfood filth. like fastfood they are cheap, expendable/disposable, and often pop up in places they're not wanted.

    next level blanket hating

  3. retail + tax was around 600 for the first supreme neighborhood baseball jacket. so you aren't exactly getting raped with reseller fees. great quality and fit, not sure if its worth that kind of change though.

  4. Selling this dope Supreme piece from a few seasons back. Supreme NY Highlanders Bones Baseball Jacket, Medium, Black. Very nice clean design with great subtle details.

    Bought it used from superfuture member kitt who stated that it was in 8/10 condition. I agree that it's 8/10.

    I was hoping for a smedium fit, but it fits more like typical medium baseball jacket. So it's back up for sale. $140 USD via paypal, SHIPPING INCLUDED







  5. agreed.

    All due respect to the women of superfuture, you're pretty much wrong on all counts here.

    Knucks, do you know how to juggle?

    You should definitely see where things go with the random before calling things off with the girl. You've gotta keep your options open. Keep your girl on ice and see how things pan out with randombarwench. If they don't, no worries, but at least you didn't ruin the relationship in the process.

    listen to salaryman

  6. Well, it's been a long time coming for him. He went to UCSD for 6 years (yeah...) but it took him a while to realize that food was his passion. He doing really well. His instructors all like his food, and he says he's among the top of the class. He's fulfilling his dream, and not spending mom and dad's money anymore.

    Yeah, there are Le Cordon Bleu certified schools in a lot of different areas. The Culinary Institute of Pasadena is one of them.

    Will either of you guys deliver a signature pizza to UCLA for finals week? ;)

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