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  1. I bid all goodbye....I will be incommunicado for several months as I am quitting my job and cutting all ties to society for a while. Car living has left me feeling quite unattached and as I have fully vested in my benefits plan, I am severing ties with this mind numbing way of cubical life.

    Farewell and Adieu


  2. I think the Levis 47 model, at least the pair i had and promptly got rid of, were designed to meet a perceived demand for a skinny jean. To me they were just not right at all. The sugarcane 47 i bought was much more like the LVC 55 than it was like the LVC 47. The LVC 47 I had was just too slim and in no way seemed like a vintage jean. It kind of reaked of Seinfeld to me.

  3. You see I did not mention Jimmy Vaughn as I agree with you on that point. As far as the other poster mentioning that he rips off other blues players. What blues quitarist has not borrowed from another? It is kinda of understood that how it goes with blues guitar. Blues licks are pretty standard, technically he is and outstanding guitarist. Stylistically he has a way to go, but to be able to borrow from the greats show that he has talent. So, I agree with you to a certain degree.

  4. John Mayer: I saw him live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in the cotton bowl. He was invited by Eric Clapton and was recognized as one of the premier players in the United States. Granted, his music is pop and it makes him some money, ya gotta eat though. This guy traded licks with Clapton, Buddy Guy, BB King, Robert Cray and Robert Randolf and believe me when I say this, the guy can fucking play. In twenty years he will have made his money and his mark on the world of music. The guy is a gunslinger..no question about it.

  5. Clean hotel rooms

    little titties

    situps (100) everyday will make you feel bulletproof

    fresh underwear


    freshly mowed grass

    the beach at sunrise before all the townies get there

    I love my jeans but I love my vintage khaki collection just as much


    guns and knives


    Greek food

    humble confidence


    all the names for different shit on the Sopranos ( like "piece of deal")

    Napalm, when applied properly prevents sunburn

  6. ill probably get flamed for this but i like starbucks

    ive bought their beans before and it was good

    Much as I hate to say it, the fucking coffee is GRAND!!!! I drink coffee black and strong. It is my only real vice and I am not too picky about it but Starbucks coffee tastes pretty damn good to me.

  7. Kickboxing when I was younger, had about 18 bouts. Held my own but had trouble making weight so I usually was in there with guys that were much bigger than me. I have a deviated septum and some pretty nasty scar tissue on my mug as well as a fairly split lip that looks worse and worse as I get older. Mommas don't let your babies be kickboxers. I still have pretty good hands but I can't kick above my waist anymore.

  8. I pretty much went from the cheap STFs to LVC with the exception of a pair of nudies and a few RRLs, oh and my canes. Had to go through many LVC before I came to the ones i liked best though. Pretty much like the fit of the 44s the most. I would like to get one pair of the dry 55s though. I got interested in selvage denim when my dad gave me a couple of pairs of his old jeans and I noticed the difference between them and the cheap ugly stfs that I used to wear. At that time the difference in the fabric itself was so noticeable that it really stood out to me. His old redlines just felt so much better and comfortable than the spongy and pale stfs I was wearing.

  9. I got 3 pairs of the old kind

    plain back pockets

    greenline selvage

    slim boot cut and HAIRY denim

    I love them and I am very glad I got them before they got scarce. I can't find any on ebay now.

    just checked, There are a few left, but not many and the sizes are huge

  10. Physical pain is forgotten in time, had my share. WORST pain ever...Dear John I received while serving in combat zone. That movie "Jarhead", one of the authenic parts was the wall of shame, I think every unit had one and very few marriages I knew of survived it. Back in 91 we did not have email and video phones or digital cameras so communication was usually very bad news in a letter 3 weeks too late. Godamn the pain..I still remember how it felt and I will never forget it.

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