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  1. Quote:

    i have an old pair of bootlegs too and #1, they dont have a tag saying bootleg, #2, the button is flat on mine, not round...amazing jeans, you buying? or selling?

    --- Original message by poly800rock on Apr 27, 2006 09:47 PM

    i'm not really buying Or selling, just displaying and was wondering what model this was really called just for my own records..

    so wait, yours is also about as old as mine but the button is flat on yours? and there's no tag displaying the model name?

    how odd...

    www.turfsm.com Turf Shoes

  2. Quote:

    I wouldn't fuck with Austin. They have an ill sneaker shop and Factory People. Sure that leaves a lot of holes, but that city is still way into vintage/rock and roll. I haven't lived in Dallas or Houston in a while but last I checked those cities are still way up the ass of major chain stores. Urban, Abercrombie, Gadzooks, Hot Topic. You might have a niche, but I wouldn't call Dallas or Houston trendy. Plus they are so spread out that it might be hard to find that perfect spot. Find yourself a college, make sure kids skate in that location, and go from there. Start running through your myspace connects and ask them.

    Honestly, I don't know how you cater to kids 7-17. I would probably kill myself. They don't have credit cards and you are constatly having to deal with demanding parents. Plus for every dollar they spend they will hang out in your store for a half an hour. Why don't you go up to wherever the Wal-Mart headquarters are and milk some of those bastards for their cash?

    --- Original message by Proletariat on Apr 6, 2006 01:53 PM


    did you just say "they don't have credit cards"??

    i own a shoe store and i LOVE when kids come in and spend cash in the store because you're not paying a percentage of the sale to your merchant services company that your credit card terminal is leased from.

    bring on the cash, leave the plastic at home.


  3. dude, don't mess around with the buffets..

    spending 35 or 40 dollars at a buffet at the Bellagio is moronic.

    go spend that money at Olives or Tableau instead, amazing restaurants with mindblowing food..


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