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    • I first tried to sell mine too, nobody  wanted it so I took a little more care of it.
      Which lead to a bag I can really enjoy again. This will for sure hold another 5+ years, probably more. It’s really amazing to see how long the bag actually last, even after heavy usage, I’ve been carrying power tools, electronics, toys, paperwork, food and everything in between with it.
      It’s a really good bag.  Nice to hear your had no problems with the zippers and also that you liked the look, I absolutely see fits where the colours blend in as they are. 
      It’s just a matter of personal preference and style. 
        The 5ts is also nice, I got the 6ts for trips and pick ups/ deliveries. By now I got another four really used bags in total, next I will ship a L1 3a1 and a limonta 3a-3ts to bagjack to get them fixed. The L1 is completely peeled and got a few holes, the limonta got the corner issue. This year I plan to get all my bags checked and repaired as the experience with the first bag was so good.  You got some pictures of the state of your bag when you sold it? 
    • FYI Just received the new J29-WS and it's very sick! Also, it's MIE.
    • I had the L2 from drop until selling it back in November. It was my daily bag for 6 years, and I beat the shit out of it. Only issues I ever had was the zips being a little sticky till they broke in.
        I preferred the patina look of the zips myself. Black and gold baby Only sold because I picked up a 5ts for cheap. 
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    Blue Craig Jacket
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  • Benzak Denim Developers
    European denim and lifestyle brand from Amsterdam

    Companion Denim
    Handcrafted denim from Barcelona

    Dawson Denim
    British made selvedge workwear from Hove

    Legendary Japanese denim brand

    Native American-owned denim line

    Japanese denim and streetwear from Tokyo

    Iron Heart
    Heavy duty denim

    Japanese denim

    Lone Flag
    Modern denim and menswear born in southern CA