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  1. To all who’ve had the fortune to receive the new pairs, I am envious. They look fantastic. Are there inner pocket details at all? Besides the Leroy, of course. If someone could DM me a photo of the patch, I’d love to see... Was the detail I was looking forward to most. 


    Also- a little late, but the Indigolovers had full size rivets for the coin pocket. Did the  “Very Nice Pocket” jeans have them at full size as well? 

  2. Holy hell I take a nap, wake up, and they're GONE... I was expecting these to be like the Indigolovers where I'd have some time...looks like I'll have to wait until the next round. If anyone has xx20 in size 30 that they're feeling like getting rid of, I'll be waiting eagerly to hear. 

  3. On 6/27/2020 at 1:13 PM, Spiraltoy said:

    ’37s had another wash. Rally like this stage and the different blues of the fabric. The roping ain’t half bad for an lvc either.





    This was the post that got me thinking about the 37s @Broark these might be the same in the photo you linked? If that's the case, I am fully sold on this pair. Beautiful. 

  4. re: the lighter color denim w/the selvedge next to the indigo... do we think this is similar to the LVC '37 denim? I am really curious to see what the deal is here, because "XX STF" leads me to think LVC used off-label and from the photos i've seen the '37 denim ticks those boxes

    really just speculating w/no basis but i'm curious what you more educated folk think

  5. super stoked to see in however many (2-3?) weeks what comes of the Leroys... new fabric & new details seem especially groovy. I feel like the cut has to err on the side of tapered(?) since it would be hard to go straighter and wider without becoming a pseudo-farmer. At least, that's what I'd look like. Pocketbags look like they're returning to a natural undyed fabric as opposed to the duck of late... time to speculate wildly i guess

  6. 30 minutes ago, eeejayaich said:

    @lophophora, Mine is losing indigo at about the same rate. I’ll post some barely faded pics when I get a chance. We can commiserate over our still new looking denim. Haha. 

    new-looking is right...slow evolution is rewarding when you’re watching other people but hard when it’s all up to you! it’s time i transition this from a “date night” shirt to something i wear all the time 

  7. typically used to keep my hair out of my face when i am out climbing- as of late, they’re on mask duty as well. stuffed with coffee filters

  8. attached is roy fit and Ooe OA02 for comparison. (1 & 2 resp.) 

    size 30 roy, 31 ooe

    The pockets bleed heavy. fabric is gorgeous though! excited for the denim to settle and mellow out. 



  9. indigo lovers came in the mail today- fit like a dream after a hot soak.. really stoked. didn’t think i’d like the straight fit, but it’s just right. details are fantastic, as always. 

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