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    similar to a bamba 2 is this takahiromiyashita carbon 2
  2. swoleman


    I've got one in M. The hood has no adjustment so in terms of actual use it doesn't do anything the second theres any wind, and it's very thin as is the entire garment so it does not sit still. Aside from that, the S21 is as others said, very understatement and one I wear exactly as described on the product page; "perfect for all seasons". I wear it as standalone with sling, and as a midlayer when colder without overheating. Price wise, it is quite a price increase from the previous versions and it's expensive, but it has some neat mesh cuffs and waistband, and just like most acronym stuff, you won't find it anywhere else anyway so price discussion is moot.
  3. swoleman

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    It runs huge, you should go down 2 sizes of your regular SISP sizing. I had the stealth parka in M, and it was still too big for my taste. Fit around the shoulders and chest was ok but the jacket billows out towards the bottom so the side-on silhouette is wack. For reference, for regular SI and SISP I wear an XL, am 83kg 178cm and muscular with wide shoulders, chest and ass. Wear a Medium in Acronym for regular fit, Large for profile fit. Measurement wise, anything below a roughly 60cm across chest measurement is tight (wearable, but slightly restrictive). It's a super cool jacket though, returned it cause of the fit but if you can get one and you like the fit definetely worth keeping.