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    I recently bought a pretty used FW03 E-J1A. Its been redyed and an additional ring of fabric sewed onto the cuffs from what I can only imagine was extensive fraying. The good: Pretty cool look at old school acronym and seeing the direct comparison between old vs new. Epic cotton being this old might as well just be regular cotton (although its very soft and nice to the touch). Internal + external jacket sling attachment points, and the sling itself is RAF. The bad: Water resistance is a minimum. It's got pretty decent wind resistance but again that could just be due to the weight of the fabric/nature of it being a jacket in general, although water resistance is a a minor concern (to me personally) based on where I live and the climate here. Its also pretty obvious to see why all Acronym jackets after a certain point (2008+ ish or something??) use Cobrax snaps rather than velcro. The velcro still grabs perfectly fine, but in terms of ease of use and on/off capability, snaps are far superior. Phone sleeve inside the chest flap pocket is comically small (who even had a phone in 2003 anyway?). The jacket being this old, there is no velcro on the right side of the neck area for ACRNM logo tape, seeing as that wasn't a thing then. No acronym branding on the RAF lanyard attached to the waist cinch that hangs down. In fact, the only thing that tells you its Acronym aside from the obvious jacket design is a small tab on the chest pocket, akin to the "Levis" tab on a traditional Levi trucker jacket. With all that said, none of the 'bad' is in my opinion a bad at all. It's a 16-17 year old jacket so expectations must be adjusted. Yes it misses features like the logo tape, gravity pockets, etc, but honestly the only real 'gimmick' that matters on Acronym jackets is the jacket sling, and even that is debatable as I don't use mine and don't have it attached. Almost complete lack of branding is actually a positive in my experience, as garment design speaks louder than 'branding' ever will in my eyes, and is infinitely more noticeable. What everyone seems to miss (and what Nebulae of Huibenshop pointed out long ago) is the main design points of Acronym jackets are in the pattern cutting and pocket design. Having now experienced a J1A chest pocket/mezzanine situation, it is without a doubt the most useful iteration of a pocket on a pocket in a pocket I have come across. As others have said in this thread long ago, it is the details that aren't noticeable to the eye compared to the in your face external jacket slings and forcelock that gave rise to the prominence of Acronym we see today. Yes, stotz and goretex etc are high maintenance, but that's because they are purpose-created fabrics. If you don't want to take care of your goretex jacket properly by actually washing it more than once per month (assuming daily wear) then you run the risk of delam, and even if you take the upmost care and it occurs, sometimes it do be like that. Sacrifices must be made somewhere for a garment to perform (or at least be designed to perform) in extreme conditions. Dryskin is prone to pilling, wool fabrics are prone to pilling, the list goes on. Its just an expected potential outcome when having a garment made out of it. PS: Pls no talk about price, the cost is the cost. Nothing cost the same as it used to (even adjusted for inflation).
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