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  1. It went up on march 24th last year, so I'm guessing sometime close to that.
  2. The UEG ones look nice, wish they had side splits but they look the best out of the bunch imo. The 3d t shirt from Y-3 looks really interesting, but it might be a little too far out for my tastes as of right now. Enfin leve has an interesting style, but its not really for me for the most part. Thanks for the help! edit: Found a GG tank in my size.
  3. Thanks! I do have a few issues with these tho, they're in the US so import charges are gonna be a pain (my fault for not specifying my region), and I'm not sure if they are long enough. I'd like the shirt to show from under a acr jacket, similarly to the guerrilla group tanks. Might just have to wait until they restock.
  4. Are there any Techwear style T shirts, similar (elongated T + similar side splits) to the Guerrilla group 16F-ES-TK02 tank, or the Acronym S15-DS. Don't feel like dropping 500 on a shirt (I get that its probably nice quality but I don't think its worth it to me atm) , and I'd much prefer a normal T shirt to a tank top. Thanks in advance!
  5. Y-3 has been releasing their spring collections pretty steadily, it could drop in a month, but it could also drop in 3 (possibly even longer, Im just estimating from the time between the first and second drops).
  6. Y-3 Noci Low. Another shoe from the Y-3 SS/17 collection. If you don't know yet the drops are gonna be divided into different visions of the future, of which "Future Perfect" has been released. And the other "futures" or drops will release later. This is a really unique silhuette, and it fits the techwear vibe really well imo. Most likely gonna cop these bad boys.
  7. WTB; P10-DS or P10-CH, black, size M. Acronym x Nike Air Presto, Bamboo size XL. Shipping to Europe.
  8. Got my ACG cargo's today, and I have to say just from using them for the past few hours they might be the best pair of pants I own. Granted I don't have P10's to compare, but they fit quite similarly to pictures that I've seen of the P10's. I'd prefer if the pockets didn't have the mesh in it, but its not a big gripe. The freedom of movement is also just amazing, and the quality feels great, no loose threads or imperfections. I'm not sure if these are the best value for your money but the aesthetic and comfort are something nothing I owned beforehand comes close to (pants wise).
  9. WTB Acronym x Nike Air Presto Bamboo, size L or XL, shipping to Europe. Expecting to pay around 320 Euro altogether
  10. WTC: ACR Bamboo Prestos and P10-CH or DS

  11. The acronym Presto's have been a shoe that I've wanted ever since they showed the previews of them, and I'm thinking of finally copping. I'm a 12 in mesh adidas NMD's which fit me very snug, Should I go for a size L (11-12) or XL (12-13), I'm afraid if I go with the size L they would be too small (since the smallest size I can wear is an 11.5 in tubular dooms which run half a size big if not more), and If I go with an XL it might have too much toe room.
  12. Thanks my guy. Will try it out later.
  13. Got my J56 in a size M today, fits great! a lot better than the size L. It has a few creases on the hood that I would like to get out, can I iron them out?
  14. Probably gonna go for ch, since they're easy to wash, more breathable than stotz and don't really wear as badly as the ds. (if i remember it right). 2 way stretch should help a bit. If I'm reading it right, then a size L should only be about 3 cm longer than a size M (outseam), so even if I have to go for an L it shouldn't be a massive difference length wise. Thanks for the help To be honest the easiest way to Figure out my actual size in these would be to try and cop both sizes if possible and keep the pair that fits better.
  15. damn! I'd do this if I hadn't already taped and packaged the box I'm shipping it back in.