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    Thanks man, I bought them on release and have been wearing them constantly since,will not be selling them. 2 teeth on the main zip "broke off" so it would need the zipper replaced. I was just wondering if something about the construction/paneling around the zipper or stitching is special in any way that could cause a tailor issues. Probably best to just take them there and ask.
  2. TechwearEnthusiast


    Does anyone have any experience replacing the main crotch zipper on acronym pants? The zip on my P10TS-DS broke and I need to get it fixed. Was given 2 choices by acronym, to send it back for repairs (but they said they were quite busy so it might take a long ass time) or they could send me the zip and get it fixed at a local tailor. Is there something special about the construction of that area, that would make me rethink taking it to a local tailor? Or is it a simple enough process where it would be hard to fuck up?
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