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  1. Slightly off the current topic, but I have a slight issue with my p10ts-ds, the narrowest part of my waist is 84cm which is about a size 33, wear a size M in acr, and the waist on my p10's is pretty damn big, big enough that I can't wear them without a belt, and when i tighten the belt down, the waist crinkles, ans kind of "bulges" under the belt at some points. Is there any way to prevent this extremely superficial issue? it just kinda bugs me.
  2. turn it around and now it has a cape.
  3. WTS/WTT: Acronym x Nike Air Presto Bamboo, size XL (US12-13), I'm a size 12.5 and they fit great. Condition is 8.5/10 Comes with OG box. 450€ + shipping, European customers preferred, but willing to ship international. Looking for P23Ts-ch/s in size M, and 3a-3ts, in any conditons. willing to pay price difference Pm for more pics or questions/offers.
  4. my man! thanks.
  5. Thanks, the overrall shape, how similar the pattern is at the armpit, side splits and how similar they looked I wanted to know if there were more differences. As a follow up question, what type of fabric is br? I understand its a cotton cashmere blend of some sort, but how does it compare to lets say DS? The s19 is only available in br if I wanna get my size, but I also don't want to make the wrong choice in material.
  6. Could someone tell me the difference between the s19 and the s15, they look almost identical, and I haven't been able to quite figure out how they differ.
  7. My main concern was since I usually use the bus/metro/train 5 days a week, it might not be the most sanitary to go without washing them relatively often. Regular clothes last years even when washed regularly, so why wouldn't something that's made of superior materials and made better over all. Any fit issues that my pair seemed to have at first went away within the first day of wear.
  8. Thanks. I guess I knew you didn't have to wash them regularly. But I was under the assumption that the technical properties would last about 50 washes. So at this rate they should at least last 6 years? I won't wash them as often knowing what I know now, since I do of course want them to last as long as possible.
  9. I've been wearing them non stop since I got them when they dropped, so I thought it might be a good idea to wash them. I'm not too sure how often they're supposed to be washed. 1.5 months just seemed like a long time to not wash something, especially since I'm going by public transport. How often would you suggest I wash them then?
  10. I washed my P10TS-DS for the first time yesterday, machine wash, 30 degrees, double rinse with grangers. Didn't tumble dry, just let them dry on a flat surface. It feels like all the stacks are gone, or at least the way the used to stack is gone, will they eventually naturally start to crease at the right places again?
  11. Time to mod some sock racers with two cobra buckles on each foot.
  12. got the P10TS-DS in today, everything is great about them, except I'm not too convinced on the actual tec sys aspect of it (looks or function). First of all not a huge fan of how the ts isn't stitched all the way down, I think they'd look cleaner if the ends were stitched down. Second of all, how much do you guys use tec sys on pants? I would Imagine the regular pockets, + any on my jacket would be way enough already, and instead of using individual mods I think I'd prefer to just use a bag. at this point I would very much like to know if any other P10 variants would release in the second drop, or if any P10's drop would it be the TS in a dif material? Cuz if regular P10's release in the second drop, and I keep these I might be slightly annoyed. My two options now are to either return these within 2 weeks and then in a month I might be able to cop either a different P10, or nothing at all. Or to keep these, and possibly be disappointed if regular P10's drop.
  13. I thought I didn't receive one either but it was in my junk mail for some reason, you might wanna check there. If you've already checked then just disregard this.
  14. WTT: P10TS-DS size M, for P10-CH size M in black + cash. I'm quite sure I would prefer CH to DS, and don't necessarily have all that many uses for the tec sys. European traders preferred and the item condition should be 9/10 with minimal wear at the very least. Offers are welcome as well. WTB: 3A-1 or 3A-3TS for less than grailed prices.
  15. Is there any chance that other P10's would release in the second drop, if there actually is one?