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  1. Ha! I copped for a friend who had been trying to cop for a while. He copped at the same exact time as I did, so I had an extra one lying around. I ended up selling it to CARLOOA for retail +$20 +shipping. I'm not trying to get rich here, friendo.
  2. Most of us have ethical problems with people who aren't enthusiasts and merely buy for the sole purpose of reselling. That's a given. However an enthusiast who has either outgrown or is tired of an item whose value has appreciated over time due to high scarcity and high demand has every right to ask a fair market price for it. People can and should sell for above retail when market forces dictate. Comparing a scalper to those of us who value our collection is a false equivalence from an ethical perspective.
  3. If we're doing the release-prep posts now might as well get this one out of the way. US duties cheat codes. If you order a jacket valuing over $800 from Acronym and you live in the USA, you'll be paying painfully high duties. HOW TO LOWER YOUR DUTIES IF YOU LIVE IN THE USA UPS Brokerage accounting department 866-493-7140 Give them your tracking number and tell them that you have a package due to arrive and it isn't classified as specifically as it should be. And as a result of its vague classification, the duties are set way too high. This is actually true. They might be able to change the classification right then and there, but sometimes they will tell you that you need to speak to the agent in charge of your package and they will give you the number for that office. If they don't just call the Dallas office. They usually have their shit together there. UPS Shipping and logistics Dallas office 972-304-6978 If you give them your tracking number they should direct you to an agent in charge of your package. Explain to them your situation. They will probably give you a classification that Acronym specified (6203.33.xxxx) which has a duty rate of 27% which is insanely high. Tell them that the classification is not necessarily incorrect, but it's just not specific enough. Give your agent the following classification numbers: 6201.99.8010 - for Cotton (Stotz) 6201.99.8020 - for Wool (LP - that would be a pleasant surprise) 6201.99.8030 - for synthetics (SS, WS or GT) This changes your rate to something like 4% and saves you hundreds of dollars. Once your agent confirms the rate change... UPS bill pay - 803-502-2525. Call these people and pay your lowered duties. Much thanks again to CARLOOA for tracking down those classification numbers.
  4. IC - pictures by request (All size M) J56-GT 9/10 P20-S RAF 8/10 SS-J2 charcoal 7.5/10 DAF1 Black deadstock US 9.5 DAF1 White deadstock US 9.5 3A-3TS 2016 laminat 8/10 SOLD 3A-3TS 2017 laminat 10/10 SOLD And a few non Acronym accessories Apple Airpods unopened SOLD Pwnie Express Pwn Pad 2014 model updated with latest software
  5. I was told by Revive "early April"
  6. Moot point. Shit sold out quick.
  7. a few bags up on main site.
  8. The way resale prices are moving these days, you're actually losing money by not copping and reselling
  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb and make a guess. Bear in mind I have no insider info and this is pure speculation - March 17th. One week from tomorrow.
  10. No description regarding condition. No images on the actual product beyond images from the acronym website. Whoever it is, he's doing it wrong.
  11. Incredibly the seller "Bought & Sold 66 Grails"
  12. I would think this is more accurate. If I'm not mistaken, Danwise is getting his info from a Japanese retailer. Retailers don't always carry bags when main site does. All this TS is unsustainable without modulars!
  13. WTT I have DAF1 White 9.5 and I have DAF1 Black 9.5 looking for DAF1 either black or crimson in size 8 or 8.5
  14. Same here. Sometimes it can take over a week. Nothing to worry about.
  15. FS: Stone Island x Nike Sock Darts Brand new Sequoia cw size US 7 Slightly too small for the wife. Can't return. Make me an offer.