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  2. D17-US Duty Guide for the United States Type UPS Gen. 1.1 Style Text Updated for FW17, this guide corrects a ton of incorrect information I put in last season's guide. This should be more accurate and comprehensive. HTS Codes supplied by the great @CARLOOA. Many thanks, my friend! If you're ordering anything that has a value over $800 USD, you will need to pay duties before UPS will deliver it to you. That means if you order two items in one shipment that each value $500 USD, you will need to pay duties since the total value of what's in that box is over $800. If you separate those two items into two shipments, you won't need to pay duties. Sometimes separate shipping costs can be much less than duties. Think before you order! Acronym mothership ships UPS and they use very generic HTS codes so duties end up being very expensive. If you call UPS and notify them that the shipper is using very generic codes and that you have a more specific code, most of the time you will be able to lower the cost of your duties. The person you call at UPS depends on the last name of the Importer (you). Here's a list of the people at UPS you should call once you have a tracking number and the tracking indicates that duties are going to need to be paid. If your name begins with A thru J, call Tina Griffin 502-485-2788 or her backup (didn't get the name) 502-485-2064 If your name begins with K-STL Jacoby Grant 803-502-6885 Or Linda 803-502-6844 If your name begins with STM-Z Call the Dallas office 972-304-6978 Give them your tracking number and tell them that the shipper has specified a very generic HTS code for the product they shipped to you. As a result, the duties are artificially high. Tell them you have a more specific HTS code that more accurately describes what's in the box. For Goretex or Windstopper jackets (J16-GT, J28-GT, J61-GT, J58-WS, J65-WS) 6201.93.47 Stotz (cotton) jackets (J56-S, J62-S, J64TS-S) 6201.92.47 Stotz (cotton) Pants (P23-S, P26-S) 6203.42.45 Schoeller Dryskin pants (P23A-DS, P25H-DS) 6203.43.0300 These codes should drop the cost of duties significantly. Once you get your duties lowered, you can call UPS bill pay at 803-502-2525 to pay them. Good Luck If you saved $ and would like to tip us . CARLOOA - 14whfHMopK1rupE9UM5NEoYndTtH8JXsp9 Me - 1FCywy3DRmbPREEWegkJH3djkxw3X4quPx
  3. Ugh I guess Phaeton was lowballing that one. Which stockist is this pricing from?
  4. I remember when I was looking at the leaked Phaeton pricing back in early June something didn't seem right. P23A-DS was much more expensive than J56-S. P23A had a listed price of 194,400 Yen. Assuming your standard Japanese markup of 75%, that translates to $1000 and if you add VAT to that it'll be close to $1200. The good news is that J56-S had a listed price of 132,000 Yen which by the same math translates to $680 without the VAT.
  5. I'm an old man (hanging on to my 30's by a very thin thread) so I don't have a ton of pics of me posing in my clothes for insta or shit like that. Here's a couple candid pics my wife took. My twins just turned 1 so they're literally in every single picture she takes. Lighting isn't great for the second one. Sorry about that. You kind of get the idea of how they fit though.
  6. I'm 5' 9" and I have P23TS-CH in size S. I'm pretty much at the limit of what a size S can fit lengthwise. Anyone 5'10" to 6' should go M. However if my P23's were Stotz I'd feel more comfortable with a M since my Stotz pants end up shrinking about 3%.
  7. NG5-AM retailed for 156 euro without VAT. I'm assuming it'll be around that neighborhood.
  8. Yeah man I've got both too and I agree with pretty much everything. The 63 amazes me at how cozy it is and how appropriate it is at a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Never before has a weatherproof jacket been so damn cozy. And I don't know why they are being classified as softshells. These jackets perform as well as hardshells do in the rain. I've been in downpours in the 63 and nothing got through.
  9. Current theory is Heavyweight. Same pant as SS17 done in a heavier weight DS fabric for colder climates.
  10. What about the PB factory? Both of my PB jackets say "made in Austria", which I believe is a different factory. Just sayin...
  11. J63 full size run restock and DAF1 all colorways full size run restock on
  12. WTS / WTT DAF1 White 9.5 DAF1 Black 9.5 WTB P25-DS S or M
  13. I got the same exact reply.
  14. Yes. The jacket only has two pockets. One of mine has stitching missing at the bottom of the pocket. If I put my hand in it, my fingers go through the bottom of the pocket into the elastic mesh, which is still intact.
  15. Wearing J62 for the first time today. Discovered that the stitching at the bottom of the left side pocket bag is missing. Wondering if there's anyone else out there with the same issue or if I just got lucky.