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  1. Yeah man I've got both too and I agree with pretty much everything. The 63 amazes me at how cozy it is and how appropriate it is at a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Never before has a weatherproof jacket been so damn cozy. And I don't know why they are being classified as softshells. These jackets perform as well as hardshells do in the rain. I've been in downpours in the 63 and nothing got through.
  2. Current theory is Heavyweight. Same pant as SS17 done in a heavier weight DS fabric for colder climates.
  3. What about the PB factory? Both of my PB jackets say "made in Austria", which I believe is a different factory. Just sayin...
  4. J63 full size run restock and DAF1 all colorways full size run restock on
  5. WTS / WTT DAF1 White 9.5 DAF1 Black 9.5 WTB P25-DS S or M
  6. I got the same exact reply.
  7. Yes. The jacket only has two pockets. One of mine has stitching missing at the bottom of the pocket. If I put my hand in it, my fingers go through the bottom of the pocket into the elastic mesh, which is still intact.
  8. Wearing J62 for the first time today. Discovered that the stitching at the bottom of the left side pocket bag is missing. Wondering if there's anyone else out there with the same issue or if I just got lucky.
  9. Bump. I was so close to making a deal for these pants, but my deal fell through at the last minute. Still looking.
  10. I'm working on an updated guide on that with updated phone numbers and hts codes (I will need your help CARLOOA). Apparently some of the info in that post just doesn't work anymore.
  11. I miss those days
  12. wtb P25-DS sz S or M
  13. TTS myself as well. And definitely my favorite as well. There are just so many ways of wearing the jacket and it seems to look great no matter how you wear it.
  14. Yes. That's about right
  15. I didn't intentionally shrink my P10-S, but they've definitely shrunk and faded after washing a number of times. I have never put them in the dryer, but I can imagine that you could probably do some serious shrinking that way.