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  1. TTS myself as well. And definitely my favorite as well. There are just so many ways of wearing the jacket and it seems to look great no matter how you wear it.
  2. Yes. That's about right
  3. I didn't intentionally shrink my P10-S, but they've definitely shrunk and faded after washing a number of times. I have never put them in the dryer, but I can imagine that you could probably do some serious shrinking that way.
  4. A friend of mine just showed me this today and it might be common knowledge, but I figured some of you may not know this already - Paypal by default converts foreign currency themselves and uses a currency rate that benefits Paypal, not the consumer. Some of us are getting screwed on currency exchange when buying from foreign retailers You can tell Paypal to bill you in the currency of the retailer. Go to Profile > Payments > My Preapproved Payments > Set Available Funding Sources > Conversion Options Now you might end up getting screwed by your bank or credit card company on the exchange rate in addition to possible fees that would accompany the transaction, but that would depend on the financial institution you deal with. In my case, my bank's exchange rate is significantly better than paypal.
  5. To complete their statement on VAT they added this "For your reference, this is a matter we are looking into but our current website build does not have a function for it."
  6. Nope. And I asked them about this. Their response was "Regarding your query on VAT, we do not reduce the pricing for orders outside the EU." If you order from 18 Montrose and you live outside the EU, you're paying too much.
  7. Retail ($250) + shipping
  8. WTS DAF1 black 9.5 deadstock DAF1 white 9.5 deadstock Black foil MZ3 pair
  9. Yeah they originally posted it then. The J1A-GT sold out shortly afterwards. They removed the video back in February. Reposted it again two days ago.
  11. This is 100% pure speculation, but I think it may be a possibility that we might see a restock of the J1A-GT soon. They re-posted the J1A-GT Acronymjutsu video a couple days ago.
  12. Ok so my J48-BR has sling attachments but didn't come with a sling. Did anyone's come with a sling? I'm assuming this is the way it comes since there's no mention of a sling on the product page.
  13. Section XI, chapters 61 and 62
  14. This absolute madman is at it again. Coming through with code after code. Hey what's the code for a jacket that looks like leather but ain't?
  15. Sorry guys. The guide for duties only applies to jackets. It will require some research from some dedicated individuals to hunt for the codes for pants, shirts, and bags. However most of the time you can just do separate shipments for those items and keep the total price of goods under the $800 limit. Most of the time this is impossible with jackets which is why this guide is useful. Probably should have specified that originally.