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  1. 17 hours ago, Broark said:

    Headed up to Portland at the end of February, anyone got recommendations? Would be much appreciated!

    For denim we have Self Edge of course and somewhat relatedly Ship John, though I do not know if they have store hours right now. First Timbers match of the season is Feb 26th if that happens to work or a Blazers game.  In town, Forest Park & Mt Tabor are nice for walking around. Out of town, Multnomah Falls is usually the go to light hike. There are also the rose garden, Chinese Garden, and Japanese Gardens. If you want to see how our attempt at Texas BBQ compares, Matt's BBQ or BBQ Tacos are my favorite in town. We have a ton of great pizza options, my favorite being Apizza Scholls (to go only right now.) Scotty's if you want it by the slice. Our Thai scene is also strong, with Eem being a stand out, though their sister restaurant Hat Yai might be my actual favorite. Nong's is also a must try Portland classic. We have tons of great fried chicken, with Reel 'em Inn being a pretty one of a kind option or Yonder for something a little more highbrow. Lately the smash burger has taken over and I've liked all the ones I've tried, most recently SureShot, but Mid City, Monster Smash (vegan option available,) and Hit the Spot (no longer technically a smash burger) are all great as well. Canard is doing the White Castle style steam burger to perfection as well. Malka is one of my favorite restaurants also (to go only right now.) Salt and Straw is a bit of a tourist trap, but also has great ice cream so might still be worth a trip. Hollywood Theater is always running interesting movies, sometimes in 70mm. Don't know of any live music around then, but I like Mississippi Studios, Doug Fir Lounge, and Revolution Hall if any artists you are interested in happen to be visiting at the same time. Portland breweries I like best are Breakside, Baerlic, Upright, and Wayfinder. Lardo usually has a great tap list of assorted local beers and a hard to beat happy hour price point 3-6pm daily last I checked. For cocktails, Expatriate (must get the nachos as well) and Hale Pele. Scotch Lodge or Multnomah Whiskey Library are great too. Outside of town there are tons of great wineries you can visit, but in town Davenport and Dame have great lists as well. If there is anything specifically you are looking for that I have not covered already, let me know. 

  2. @heyson RT2s arrived today, thanks. I think a 31 would work most likely, and I bet that given your situation with the 32s, they'd be happy to measure a specific pair before you buy them.

    Separately, an unsoaked pair fo CB1 Big Bros, what a find! 

  3. @Smallrod They have around 1 year 9 months of wear, 2 initial hot tub soaks, 1st wash around 6 months, then every 3 months or so after that, plus one extra after a significant spill. Machine washed cold, no spin, hang dry. The RT1002 are at right about the same as the goal was to see how his two different proprietary denims would age under the same conditions. I have basically only been wearing those two pairs for the last 4 years, except when it was too hot, when I first got the test lot 00 pair for a bit, and 3 months one summer while they were at Indigo Proof for repairs. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Broark said:

    @ecsong187 mainly food, beer, any must-see things since I’m only there for two days. Could potentially be moving there depending on how things go. 

    I like Fremont, Reubens, Holy Mountain, and Cloudburst for breweries. Pine Box is a good general beer bar. I have had good food experiences at Bar del Corso (pizza/Italian,) Stateside (French/Vietnamese, solid brunch), The Shambles (meat and beer,) and Nirmal's (Indian.) I have been meaning to try JuneBaby, Mean Sandwich, and Xi'an Noodles on a visit, but it hasn't worked out yet. There is a sushi place with a chef that trained under the Jiro Dreams of Sushi guy too. There are the obvious tourist stops like Pike Place and the Space Needle that are fine, ideally experienced at not peak hours. Gas Works park is nice if the weather works out in your favor. The music/pop-culture museums are cool if you are interested in those things. It was not for me, but I have a friend who loved the Seattle Underground tour. If you like Twin Peaks and are renting a car, you can check out a lot of the original spots in Snoqualmie not too far away, though I am not sure how much the locals like Twin Peaks visitors. 

  5. I am wrapping up my KS1002/RT1002 rotation soon and have a perhaps overly ambitious plan of comparing 4 pairs of black seed by doing one pair frequent wash and dryer (test lot R01,) one pair my normal routine with initial hot wash to get shrink out and regular cold washes every 3 months or so (regular R01,) one pair with his site instructions 15 minute initial lukewarm soak hand washed sparingly (Test lot 00 pair,) and one worn raw for as long as possible, which I believe is his preference (no pair currently on hand, but hopefully he does another round of the new RT cut)...so check back here in 10 years or so for the results. I definitely respect and understand his appreciation for the properties of unwashed, loom state denim and am looking forward to wearing a pair that way, but I think losing a bit of that in exchange for getting the shrink out of the way up front is reasonable for many people and in no way ruins the jeans from my experience. 



  6. I imagine Roy has modified the cut a bit since, but the original RT measurements are available here

    Size 30 31 32 33
    Waist 31.5 32.5 34.0 35.0
    Inseam 38.0 38.0 38.0 38.0
    Thigh 12.0 12.3 12.6 13.1
    Knee 8.6 8.8 8.9 9.1
    Leg Opening 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.4
    Rise 11.1 11.4 11.7 11.9


    Size 34 36 38
    Waist 36.0 38.0 40.0
    Inseam 38.0 38.0 38.0
    Thigh 13.5 14.1 14.7
    Knee 9.2 9.6 10.2
    Leg Opening 8.5 8.8 9.2
    Rise 12.1 12.4 12.6


  7. 3 hours ago, Collin said:

    I'm willing to get a warehouse 800 for my next pair and can't find the difference between 800 and 800XX. Is the only difference 800XX = one washed and 800 Raw ? 

    I've read the thread a handful page ago about the same questions and on warehouse website. It's the banner denim right ?


    21 minutes ago, Collin said:

    @Bobbo Thanks for your quick reply, appreciate it mate. I have the 2002XX in what I guess is the Banner denim. So I want to try the other Warehouse denim in the 800. Perfect ! Any differences between the 800 and 800XX other than the Raw/one wash state? 

    On 11/26/2018 at 6:22 AM, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    It's a slim straight cut with a highish rise. It uses the 14.5oz Memphis cotton denim, just like the old 800 model.
    Main differences I saw are an added red tab, more color variation on the threads on the seams and different back pocket rivets.

  8. I have primarily been rotating a pair of Cone Project denim (KS1002) and Black Seed (RT1002) for the last 3 years and I still cannot figure out which denim I like better. It is usually whichever I am wearing, currently the cone project denim, same as the RS04. It seems like a lot of people prefer the original contest denim most of all from his stuff, but unfortunately the rare pairs that come up on eBay are all pretty worn. 

    I had both pairs fixed up at Indigo proof last summer and had a similar issue with the thickness of the crotch repair on the KS1002s/mostly the weight I had gained, but they broke in pretty quickly again. The cone project denim seems to have about as much stretch as the black seed has shrink. 

  9. I also consider his work to be the next best thing/best repro and and I think I will end up with a pair of CSF before anything vintage, pre 1960s anyway, and certainly anything in deadstock condition. I imagine that I would even appreciate ordering via DM once I did it. I settled on size 34 second half 1946 last time originally, which is probably still where I would end up. If he threw up small batches for order online with detailed measurements and photos in the way that Roy does, I imagine I would have already bought a pair at one point or another, which I know is not exactly logical since this way is in many ways easier. Do you have a favorite model?

  10. 18 minutes ago, Flash said:

    I'm really surprised more people haven't bought some Conners over here 

    A question to anyone that has been interested but hasn't ordered a pair . What are the reasons that have stopped you from ordering ?

    I have wanted a pair for a couple years, but between ordering via Instagram, the waiting period from there, the sizing seeming difficult, indecision about which model to go with, the higher price point & potentially putting that money towards a vintage pair of Big E 501s, and already having too many pairs of jeans, I have resisted so far.

  11. I saw those CB1s pop up on eBay and wished they were a size down. Great pick up @Broark. Our collections have a lot of overlap. I have RS01, All Duck, KS1002 x2, RT1002, Test Lot, R01, baja & charcoal bbq shirts, and heavy denim shirt. 

    I have my fingers crossed that he gets to doing a jacket before he runs out of Black Seed. 

  12. On 9/29/2018 at 9:24 AM, ecsong187 said:


    Mail day. Deadstock unworn KS1002

    was this black seed or a different custom cone denim?


    On 9/29/2018 at 10:41 AM, givemefive said:



    i'll buy those from you if they dont work out


    im waiting for a ks1003

    KS1002s were made using his first full custom run, before black seed. It was 100% Cotton 14.5oz Unsanforized Cone Mill White Oak Denim. It is a bit heavier and does not have the pink line selvedge. He made some for SelfEdge and then a final run on his own with some modified details that used up the very last of that fabric. KS1002 on the left and RT1002, which used black seed, on the right.


  13. 2 minutes ago, Smallrod said:

    Correct on the Duck-1.  Was looking T those as well.

    My Test Lot 00 has the "Going Places" patch.  I think the RS00 has the Big Bro patch.  Don't hold me to that, maybe someone else can confirm. 

    Yeah I was looking at them too. Good pick up.

    Roy listed the RS00's as having "Going Places" patch on his site. As photographed, they also did not include some other notable details featured on that eBay pair. Interesting. 

  14. 19 minutes ago, Clark_Jablowski said:

    I snagged a pair of these Roy workpants on ebay the other day for $130.  I don't know what model name these would be as I can't find anything online about them.  They aren't the 'All Duck' or Foreman workpants, the patch is different and the cut seems way slimmer.  Either way I'm really happy with them, they are a bit slim on me but I think I'll still wear them a good bit. I took some pictures with a few interesting details. 

    Having some upload errors so I put them on imgur


    I think they are the Duck-1.

    On 1/16/2018 at 4:29 PM, Smallrod said:

    Does anyone else have a Test Lot or RS00 with the Big Bro patch? I have seen it one other time on eBay, but it was also a size 32 so I wonder if it was the same pair. 

  15. @Cornelius_ Please message it if you wouldn’t mind  

    I was able to get in touch with him and got it all squared away. He said he was getting a bunch of people pretending to be me. Thanks again for everyone who gave me the heads up. Happy new year to everyone except my imposters. 

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