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  1. railcar fine goods

    Hope all is well everyone! Felon003 Button Down is released. Made from deadstock UCO fabric. This is a heavier weight slubby denim shirt. These are sewn on our collection of vintage machines that give a very authentic look. Hope anyone who picks one of these up enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making them!
  2. railcar fine goods

    Yes its going to be a bit wider in the hip area than the Spikes. No problem! Ill get that chart up soon, the relaxed fit is in this year haha!
  3. railcar fine goods

    Like I said it can be! Find a good size for you in the Journeyman fit and do taper from below the knee and you're basically all set.
  4. Raw for Women

    The Donna High Waist is back at Railcar Fine Goods. Steven updated the old Donna pattern and I must say, the fit is amazing! I am on the left, I am wearing the first prototype, its about a month old with two washes. This stretch raw fabric is beautiful the indigos get darker and pop more after a soak. Jess @aegishandcraft on ig came to visit us this week and she is wearing the final piece on the right. So if anyone is looking for a super comfy stretch raw skinny, I'd recommend this! Size Waistband Front rise Back rise Thigh @ crotch Thigh @ 2 in below crotch Hip Knee Bottom opening Inseam length 24 12.5 11 12.5 9 8.25 15.75 6 5 30 25 12.75 11 12.5 9.25 8.5 16.25 6.25 5 30.75 26 13 11 12.5 9.75 9 17.25 6.75 5.25 31.25 27 14 12 13.5 10.25 9.5 17.5 6.75 5.25 31.25 28 15 12 13.75 10.75 10 18.5 7 5.25 31.25 29 16 12 13.75 11 10.25 18.75 7.25 5.5 31.25 30 17 12 14 11.5 10.5 19.5 7.5 5.5 31.5 31 18 12 14 12 11 21 8 5.5 31.5
  5. railcar fine goods

    The Journeyman is meant to be a relaxed fit so it is a wider leg than the Spikes. We have had people get sized in the Journeyman because they like the rise and do a taper on it if they dont like the wide leg look, so that is an option for you. 25% off all alterations for Railcars using code: rfgservice25. We are hoping to have all specs within the next 2 weeks.
  6. railcar fine goods

    Slow motion video of Steven installing buttons on the Felon003 Button Down.
  7. railcar fine goods

    Found some pictures of Steven when he used to work at the Los Angeles Metro as the lead mechanic. If you are unaware of his background, Steven started Railcar while he was working at the metro working on trains, hence the name Railcar! Collecting vintage machinery to build his pieces he then opened up a small workshop in Arcadia, Ca. A few years later we moved to a bigger workshop in Monrovia, Ca where we are currently. Steven was able to quit his job at the Metro and do Railcar full time just over 2 years ago now. Thank you all for supporting us and following our journey.
  8. railcar fine goods

    yes still in production and then as soon as they are finished we are going to spec ALL sizes, sorry for the wait we are catching up from the holidays. I will keep everyone posted!
  9. railcar fine goods

    Here is the progress on Steven's Spikes X034, super slubby texture makes for an amazing fade journey. His is about 2 months old, one wash.
  10. railcar fine goods

    More fade pictures of Spikes X033 Double Italian Indigo. Customer came in to buy another pair and showed me his 11 months of wear, no washes.
  11. railcar fine goods

    Yes! We have to retake measurements for all sizes since Steven made some slight changes, I will be posting it here as soon as its ready. Thanks for the patience everyone!
  12. railcar fine goods

    Here is Steven doing the selvedge outseams on our proprietary fabric Spikes X034 14oz Turkish double red line selvedge. We post videos on youtube and have a playlist with small clips from our workshop titled "Inside Railcar" we are going to post often if anyone wants to checkout how we do our production!
  13. railcar fine goods

    We have some new button pins and stickers to give away with every purchase online and in store. Even alteration services will receive a little denim services pin when they get back their jean. Thanks for supporting Railcar, we hope you enjoy these little Railcar pins and stickers! http://www.railcarfinegoods.com/
  14. railcar fine goods

    Beautifully aged American Cone Mills Women's Vixen X001 Vixen X001
  15. railcar fine goods

    Our good friend Joseph stopped by the shop today and I wanted to share with you his Spikes X021. They are just over a year old and are looking great. You can see the hidden rivets starting to pop! This style is no longer available we ran out of fabric, however we still do the same construction with hidden rivets on certain styles like our Spikes X034 and Goldline001.