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  1. railcar fine goods

    Thanks! Instead of a tacking on the crotch we did the rivet to add detail but im sure Steven can make you with without it. Yes the Goldline series is added detail and construction, more unique fabrics.
  2. railcar fine goods

    Hey guys! Steven says hello! He has been super busy with the growth of Railcar so he hasnt been on much but still loves to see your posts on here. I wanted to let you all know that we have released our proprietary fabric Spikes X034. This has been in development for over a year now and we are very happy with the way it turned out! Its honestly one of the most unique fabrics I have ever felt/seen. 15oz dark indigo, very slubby double red-line selvedge. It is a fast fader and very inky. We have this available on our site and going to be putting stock in our store front soon. Some of our retailers picked this style up feel free to message me to see if we are in one near you. Spikes X034
  3. railcar fine goods

    Here is Steven's Spikes Goldline001 only about 2 weeks of wear and already getting some knee fades. He is also wearing his Red Wing Irish Setters which we are actually getting more sizes in after the first set sold out in 2 days! Call us if you want to reserve one.
  4. railcar fine goods

    Today I am wearing my Unisex Chore Coat and Vixen X041s. Also wearing my Myers tee because its SPOOKY season
  5. railcar fine goods

    They look great on you dude! Someone dropped their X026 in for repair last Sat check it out. He said about a year and a half old, he rides a lot so he caught this EXTREME blowout.
  6. Raw for Women

    Here is an old Railcar Vixen X021 from a customer who sent these in for repair in the crotch, love when old Railcars come in especially womens.
  7. railcar fine goods

    If you are looking for a nice black denim for this fall, we re-released a favored style of ours. Spikes X022 13 ounce black warp, white weft American Cone Mills white-line selvedge. Spikes X022
  8. railcar fine goods

    Hey everyone! We are excited to announce the release of our Denim Laundry Detergent, we designed this gentle formula for denim to keep fresh, clean and minimize indigo dye bleeding. No hard ingredients and our formula generates a low amount of suds making it easier to rinse out. Railcar Denim Laundry Detergent
  9. railcar fine goods

    Limited batch release of our Spikes X040 lightweight 11 ounce Japanese red line selvedge. There are a few sizes left of these, again these are very limited only about 100 were made, we do no have this fabric anymore. Spikes X040
  10. railcar fine goods

    The Flight Trousers are a very tough canvas so they wont stretch out too much at all, Steven can still wear his without a belt. They shrink about half a size, so we do recommend sizing up from your regular Spikes fit if you know it.
  11. railcar fine goods

    Details on the new Felon Button Down. Gives off a indigo hue in the sunlight and in doors has a charcoal/light brown tint. Fabric should lay flatter on the body and soften up a lot with a soak and wear, Steven's is still looking crispy he has not soaked his yet. We have been working hard to get these out as fast as we can, thank you to everyone who has ordered and continues to support us! Own a piece of Railcar history this style wont be available forever. Felon Button Down
  12. railcar fine goods

    Our Barber Shop is open guys if anyone is local to Monrovia, CA. We are right outside Los Angeles by SGV, many think Monrovia is some far out town but it is actually fairly close to all surrounding LA county cities. We have a special re-opening promo. You can choose from 25% off a haircut or a free jar of Railcar Pomade. Ill put the hours below. Monday: Closed Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm Sunday: 10:00 am - 3:30 pm Walk ins are welcome! Call 626-256-9018 or email info@railcarfinegoods.com to make an appointment.
  13. railcar fine goods

    We wanted to make it a modern straight leg so it isn't too wide in the thigh area however it is wider than our Spikes fit. We have had customer size up then taper the leg profile to their liking. We find taking the measurements 2" below the crotch is a more accurate thigh measurement than taking it right at the crotch where most of the geometry of the seat is. Railcar Denim Services
  14. railcar fine goods

    Just thought i'd share the other side of Railcar, some have discovered us through our pomade! It's great when someone comes into the shop to buy pomade monthly and one days asks why we have all these vintage machines and denim laying around, when we tell them that we are originally a denim company that manufactures our own apparel in house they are stoked! One of the members on our team found us through our pomade, he slowly kept stopping by, one day came in to buy his first pair of raws, now he is apart of the Railcar family I use the pomade to de-frizz and tame baby hairs so it can be unisex. Anyone here ever try out our grooming products? Railcar Apothecary
  15. railcar fine goods

    Yes, just around 12.75" to 13"