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  1. Is it just me or do any of you think the handmade leather goods fad has died? I remember like 4-5 yrs ago a whole bunch of 'makers' started popping up on IG, all of whom had the same story. "I couldn't afford a nice belt/wallet so I started learning how to make my own and my company was born." I'm thinking specifically of handmade wallets and belts, not boots. Plenty of makers out there creating nice stuff but I think the market got saturated.

  2. 22 minutes ago, SuperJackle said:

    Sorry if this has been answered; Jay from blue owl told me it’s Oni. Totally makes since given all the secret master stuff etc, and the collabs. 

    Also makes sense because the Oni and Tanuki denim has extreme tapers to their fits.

  3. 16 hours ago, Broark said:

    Feel similarly about wanting a pair of Ande’s jeans. Should’ve taken advantage of it when he was still making them. 

    Same here. I found out about Ande's stuff back in 2015 or thereabouts but I was stil relatively new to the whole raw/selvedge denim thing. I don't recall what Ande charged for his jeans ($350?) but at the time I couldn't afford it. Now, his jeans are one of my grail items. I'm sure they're rare as hens teeth these days

  4. Cool pics. I hope to buy a UES flannel someday. I've been admiring this brand for a few years now but never pulled the trigger because their bigger sizes are few and far between.

  5. 5 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    @ColonelAngus I have 4 Deluxeware sweatshirts all in a size L, which are relatively fitted on me. In UK sizing, I would wear size M. I think they’re standard-ish Japanese sizing, in which you would size down one from a western size. Quality is first rate.

    I'm assuming you mean size up one from my western size? If I sized down I'd look like the Hulk trying to fit in kids clothing lol


    Pics would be great. Deluxeware has a type 3 that looks interesting

  6. 1 hour ago, mpukas said:

    I'm not a fan of asymmetrical pockets. Don't like the look, and usually on of them is too small to be useful for anything. I actually use my shirt pockets to hold various things at various times. I also prefer work shirt pockets to have a flap rather than just button through as it's more secure and stuff doesn't fall out when you bend over. One reason why I like western shirts. Don't like chin straps either. They're useless in today's world. Another reason why I like westerns. 


    Same here. Not a fan of work shirts because of the pocket design. Is the chin strap the neck tab thingy that some companies put on their work shirts? Not a fan of that look

  7. Do any of you own anything from the Deluxeware brand? I keep coming across their stuff on Rakuten and would like to try one of their shirts, but I have no idea how their stuff fits.