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  1. Just because one is into repro doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable at the same time. If I buy a deck jacket it’s to keep me warm first and foremost, not to look like an old timey deck hand from WW2. I personally would not wear something if it didn’t look good on me. It’s like guys who wear frumpy ill fitting suits versus guys that prefer a more tailored look. 

  2. 17 hours ago, UkeNo said:

    Why do people/companies continue to insist that wearing your jeans unwashed for a prolonged period is somehow a fashion grail, or secret to success?!  Annoying!

    Agree. I’m not into STF denim but I always soak/wash my jeans no matter what. Had a new pair that I didn’t wash for a year and sure enough, blowouts in the crotch, back of knee and cuff. Have another pair of N&F I’ve had for about 4 yrs and those have been washed a ton and still going strong

  3. 3 hours ago, mpukas said:

    @Aries both jackets are gorgeous, but that Rider jacket is really something special. Much appreciate the info on TFH treatment of the leather you've described. Can I ask where you got it from - in Japan directly from TFH, or at a retailer outside of Japan? 

    Rivet and Hide used to have it as well as TFH site. Haven’t seen it elsewhere 

  4. I don’t own an N1 but I suspect the BR one is durable. They’re made from whipcord and the BR one is a repro so made to withstand the elements. I’m guessing others like IH and Mister Freedom also make durable N1’s. The Red Tail N1 looks thin and like it wouldn’t do a good job keeping you warm in harsh weather 

  5. I don't know what's going on over at Filson HQ but good lord, they have the worst customer service ever. I've seen people leaving comments on their IG page saying as much but now I know. I sent them a product inquiry email Sep 30th and only just received a response yesterday. Yep, almost a full month to answer a simple question. I gave up after a week lol

  6. I'm conflicted with IG. On the one hand, the blatant advertising is what made me cancel my account. On the other hand, I shouldn't fault someone for trying to derive an income from IG if the opportunity presents itself. One of the reasons why it was a turn off for me is that when IG accounts became monetized the content seemed less fluid, for the most part. I still browse IG but their new algorithm, or whatever you call it, prevents me from looking at IG without having an account.

  7. Is it just me or do any of you think the handmade leather goods fad has died? I remember like 4-5 yrs ago a whole bunch of 'makers' started popping up on IG, all of whom had the same story. "I couldn't afford a nice belt/wallet so I started learning how to make my own and my company was born." I'm thinking specifically of handmade wallets and belts, not boots. Plenty of makers out there creating nice stuff but I think the market got saturated.

  8. 22 minutes ago, SuperJackle said:

    Sorry if this has been answered; Jay from blue owl told me it’s Oni. Totally makes since given all the secret master stuff etc, and the collabs. 

    Also makes sense because the Oni and Tanuki denim has extreme tapers to their fits.