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  1. I don't see any practical need to wear heavy denim. in the whole XX century people never felt the need for heavy denim, anything between 12.5 and 14 oz it's always been plenty enough for an all year around pair of jeans.

    even in freezing temperatures a normal pair of jeans with a pair of long johns underneath seems to me more practical than heavy denim.


    the heaviest pair I had was 15 oz with a pretty dense weave and was already too much for me even in winter, my legs just can't stand heavy denim. I am also not very keen on the idea of a "summer jean" or a "winter jean", I like to buy stuff that I can wear anytime in the year.


    Heavy denim do fade differently but I happen to not like generally that look either.


    So that's why I think heavy oz jeans are (to me) pointless.


    gotcha. I usually wear 13-14oz denim year around but do wear long johns underneath during the winter months. But, given my location it does get pretty darned cold and that's where I think heavyweight denim can help a little. I think the preference for heavyweight denim comes from the fact that they feel more substantial and they do have different fading properties. I'm not much of a jeans guy in the summer, simply because my tolerance for extreme heat is very low. so in those instances I wear my ugly shorts since I sweat like a pig. I guess it all boils down to personal prefernce



    to me ultra thick belts are just as pointless as heavy weight jeans.


    i'm curious, why do you consider heavyweight jeans pointless? I've got no preference either way. the heaviest denim I own are two pairs of Gustin 17oz and a pair of 3sixteen st-140x 17oz. None of them have been worn yet. I definitely wouldn't wear them during the summer months but I plan on breaking them out next Fall. I have jeans that are 11oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and 17oz, so I feel that depending on the time of year the weight does make a difference.

  3. my current belt is an English bridle leather 1.5" from Orion Leather. it's pretty thick and should last forever. My previous belt was a 1.5" brown CXL lined belt from Rancourt. I lost weight and couldn't wear it anymore but it was my favorite. I guess when I start getting fat again I can take it out of retirement but for now it's going in the closet

  4. i'm currently breaking in my pair of LHT's and i'm loving how streaky the denim is becoming. I don't consider myself a huge N&F fan but I do think for entry level raw denim they're a great company to start with. their strengths are that they use Japanese denim and they have a broad range of appeal to most denim enthusiasts, especially since they offer sanforized and unsanforized. the only thing I dislike about them is all the gimmicky stuff they do. really bummed they didn't offer the Year of the Monkey jeans in the weird guy cut, otherwise I would've grabbed a pair

  5. Am I the only one who doesn't think super thick belts are all that great? I used to wear these but they were never comfortable, and it also kinda started to bother me that I was wearing a belt that didn't match my shoes 80% of the time. Sure the natural veg tan leather can age really nicely (like on my FH belt) but I don't really subscribe to the idea that thicker is better. Same reason why I'm not really into heavyweight denim.


    Now I wear 1.5" Equus belts, they're extremely well made and sturdy, my main black one has been worn constantly for almost four years and shows no sign of giving out.

    could you elaborate? you dislike thick belts as in the actual thickness of the leather, or the width of the belt?


    Can anyone please recommend any black jeans that fade indigo? Similar to Railcar Fine Goods Overdyed Slub 006. So looking for a pair of jeans that are black and fade into indigo in places of wear, and in tight straight fit.


    I know there is Ironheart IH-634S-B, but I don't like the fit and it is too heavy (oz)





    Naked & Famous' Sumi Ink selvedge jeans are dyed black with Sumi ink but fade to indigo. those might even be on sale via Tate & Yoko

  7. I came across Civilianaire via Instagram and just couldn't get into their stuff. the selvedge fabrics looked nice but a couple of things that ruined it completely for me were the zip fly and excessive branding. If you're going to try and charge a premium for your jeans they should have a button-fly and you absolutely shouldn't try and embelish them with unnecessary branding. Let the construction and quality of the denim speak for themselves.

  8. I recently retired my Rancourt brown CXL belt due to weight loss and ended up buying a double prong, English bridle leather belt from Orion Leather.

  9. I emailed him back in December and at that time he said he was supposed to get more indigo denim around Christmas. I guess I don't want to keep bugging him about it.....i'm sure they'll show up. the SR14's look good though and we're only talking about a $10 difference in price.







    And in anticipation of cold weather, an almost all-Pherrow's day:




    really dig that ranch jacket. is it from Rakuten? Been wanting one for awhile but the measurements make me apprehensive as I don't know which store is accurate

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