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  1. Sure thing, I'll give it a shot tomorrow, it got dark pretty quick after I took those.
  2. Shoddy photos of the Jelado Lightweight Henleys Lots of color variation in the Heather Grey and the Natural has some blue-grey slub thread in it
  3. I grabbed some Jelado AG-94202 Lightweight Short Sleeve Henleys today in Heather Grey and Natural, will try and take some photos on the weekend. Corlection have them hiding out the back waiting for the next season. I am not sure if they are loopwheeled or not yet as I haven't really taken a close look / haven't worn them, but they are really thin compared to any of the other japanese t-shirts, and even thinner than the Tezomeya as well, so they should be quite nice for sping/summer in a few months. Wouldn't be surprised if they're done in the same factory that do the Loop&Weft or Stevenson ones from the last run as the construction/design is very similar. Flat overlocking on all seams including the hem, placket in a woven fabric and same back reinforcement. Will take a photo tomorrow in the sunlight! The AUD is set to rise to .8-.85 USD soon and will probably make similar gains against the JPY as well, so I may do another Tezomeya order soon.
  4. Yes it's probably the most comfortable t-shirt I've worn. Pretty impressed! Definitely going to get a few of the other colors for the warmer weather.
  5. Here are the photos of the Tezomeya Loopwheel Tee 175cm, excuse the wet hair. Macro
  6. The Armoury or maybe Left Field? I have the same problem, I'm probably just going to get some custom made ones by Companion Denim I think.
  7. Definitely keen for that, barely get a chance to chat menswear IRL with anyone apart from shop owners
  8. Was nice to meet you Mike, how did the photos of our wallets turn out?
  9. I really like my Warehouse loopwheel t-shirt from last season. I regret not getting it in multiple colors. I also really like my Freewheelers t-shirts. Not great for summer but awesome for winter and really interesting neppy fabric made from American cotton. I would also recommend the Tezomeya too, which I'm wearing now! I need a ~17.5" shoulder and a 19"(min) -21"(max) chest and generally don't buy anything less than 27" in length these days. So I guess it depends on your measurements as to which t-shirts would work for you.
  10. My favourite is my Stevenson Overall Loopwheeled Henley shirt in size Large. It's the recent one that was posted about earlier in the thread made of undyed, unbleached cotton. It's sewn with the flat-(over)locking technique where the stitching is visible on the exterior of all of the seams as well as beneath. I think the reason they chose this construction is because they have a shoulder yoke on this henley where the direction of the fabric has been changed for better movement. It would be a bit odd having two overlocked seams pointing into your shoulder. It also has some nice ribbing fabric on the arms and the placket is lined with a plain weave woven fabric so it keeps its shape. The buttons are fake mother of pearl (unfortunately). There is one flaw on the one I have and that's the lockstitch at the base of the placket that sews the pieces together isn't straight and is noticeably diagonal. That said, with Atsu's "it doesn't have to be perfect" motto I'm not too surprised. The fabric is really uniform in weave, reasonably soft, fairly loose weave, on the lighter side of medium weight and has quite a dry hand. It doesn't really crease or wrinkle when you wear it, it folds/relaxes similar to how a hand-woven fabric behaves. It performed reasonably well in the humid Australian summer, I wouldn't think twice about wearing it whereas I found some of the other fabrics (Freewheelers, Full Count in particular) were not great in the summer and it wasn't long before I was a hot, sweaty mess. The combo of fit, design and fabric is what makes it my favourite. It's nice and long in the body, which suits me because I always tuck my shirts in.
  11. I recently ordered a Tezomeya undyed loopwheeled organic cotton t-shirt after reading through this thread. Shipping was 2000 yen shipped to Australia which is pretty reasonable, and the price of the t-shirt ended up being similar to what I would pay for a t-shirt at Corlection with VIP discount. Shipping time was 5 days from Japan, including a weekend. I already own loopwheeled t-shits from Stevenson Overall Co, Warehouse, Strike Gold and Jelado and also non-loopwheeled garments from Full Count and Freewheelers. The Tezomeya is sewn inside-out in comparison to the others, which is what gives the 'unique' texture. Knitted fabrics don't have a weft & warp like woven does but it would be the equivalent of something like 'reverse sateen'. I suppose you could call it reverse jersey or something? I ordered a 175cm because the listed measurements on the website seemed like that would be the best fit for me. I am 175cm, ~155lbs and I wear a 38 or 40 in most other t-shirts and a 42 in the indigo full count henley. The fabric is really cool, definitely not quite like anything else I have, the closest being the Stevenson unbleached/undyed natural henley I got earlier this year, but still different again. The tezomeya has much more 'colour' to it, and gives off a peach like hue rather than a natural/off-white that has a bit of a yellow tinge. The fabric is the softest of all the loopwheeled t-shirts I have and probably the second softest t-shirt I have, with the softest being a loose knitted linen t-shirt that I mostly wear to bed. The construction of the garment is okay, it's not as good/strong as any of the aforementioned brands. The fit through the shoulders and the body is good, however the sleeve has zero taper to it and looks very weird/boxy in comparison to all the other Japanese t-shirts/henleys I have. I think a slight taper would look a lot better. I'll see how it goes after a few wears and hand washes. I would definitely consider ordering from Tezomeya again. May post some pictures of it in the future.
  12. Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Dish Soap & Sodium Bicarbonate solution. Had to do this on my Warehouse loopwheeled tee recently with good results