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  1. @beautiful_FrEaK Yeah, because IME the Warehouse 800 back rise isn't that high. at least for what would be my size. I pretty much won't buy anything with a back rise under 15" (prefer 16-17" but super hard to find outside of custom denim) and I take a 32" waist and the 800 comes in at ~14" there, I think?
  2. Do you pull the jeans all the way up?
  3. That's a shame actually. I much prefer wider and longer scarves, though I'm sure it won't make much difference visually. YMMV.
  4. Might have to grab one of those! What are the dimensions? edit: found on website 50cm x 165cm
  5. Because they're a once wash, I imagine it just depends on how the pair turned out after the wash.
  6. I tried those on at corlection earlier this year, had an issue with the crotch. The flat felled inseam joint would flip to the left side of the leg and that made the crotch area uncomfortable.
  7. I don't sew, but it could be that each company listed uses different tuning (tension?) / needles on the same machine to produce different results.
  8. I was looking at the US measurements and they were measuring the shoulder at 16" on the XL, but the UK ones were measuring 17.75" on the Medium
  9. Their sizing info in the US is whack
  10. Loop & Weft LRC1031 Vintage Inspired Tee (Oatmeal) I would consider the color more of a light Heather Gray than an Oatmeal. The body is a recycled cotton yarn with several irregular traits. It's deliberately knitted slightly off-grain and it's very neppy in the sense that it's unfiltered, loads of cotton seed and plant are stuck in the fibers, way more so than any other t-shirt fabric I've come across. This makes it slightly itchy at times, but the neps will come out with washes. Sleeve ribbing in a very similar style to the latest Stevenson Natural cotton tee. I ordered a size 40 mainly due to the fact that the shoulder size on the 38 was listed as really small (42cm). The actual garment is a bit oversized to what I would consider my ideal fit range, but only slightly. I could hot soak it a few times to try and shrink it down a bit, there's enough extra length (71-72cm) to do that.
  11. My Tezomeya drop is due at the start of next week, I have prepared myself accordingly. That said, the current organic detergent I am using uses similar ingredients and is about half the price for double the amount, so we'll see how they perform against eachother.
  12. I have a short sleeve in japanese crushed cotton (kinda looks like seersucker) that I wear in summer.
  13. Loop & Weft LRC1009 from S/S16 (last one in size 40 at Okayama Denim). Very lightweight supima cotton henley with Corozo buttons(!). Probably won't wear this until the weather warms up a bit. Photos of other stuff to come, just managed to snap this before it got dark.
  14. The current season of Warehouse 4601 Loopwheel Tees are different to the past couple of runs even though they are the same model. I have a 4601 Henley from SS16 and a 4601 Plain Tee from AW17. The SS17 fabric is thinner, not as slubby, has a different tag (green label) and the overlock seams are different. Air gets into the hems and collar when put in water, on the previous fabrics they did not. So far I don't like the new version as much as the previous one, but it might be *slightly* easier wearing in the summer. Slight disappointment?
  15. Exclusion-based interwebz