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  1. this triggered my memory (...). These bags (there's all sorts of styles with this feature) don't have molle at all but they offer an interesting solution to a problem, display it to a dramatic score and seem well made in general: http://vertx.com/edc-courier-bag It would be fun to 'mod' them to be able to draw other stuff.
  2. Many smart features. Did you figure out if it's possible to adjust the shoulder strap length when carrying the bag/under load? Edit: I got a reply from them, saying that "adjustment should be possible even under load. You would just need to unlock the bottom cam and pull the tab to adjust."
  3. I understand the situation; I think deep down I was trying to express my bemusement at the fact that I had just payed half as much as it cost for something to get to me, as the creators got payed to have created it, per unit. And that I appreciate the chance to have been able to.
  4. Speaking of ridiculous: Shipping to CH is €27 (sic!). And if thats any indication it'll might get shipped by FedEx or the like; this in turn would mean another another CHF20+0.70 import fees. I paused... for a second. Thanks for the heads up, just looked at the site a week ago.
  5. Since the model you mentioned doesn't feature the removable liner, have you had any experience with throwing the shoes into the washing machine yet? (Since thats probably somethign I'd have to do)
  6. get SISP at 30% off at Austria based e35shop.com (it's been on since even before the newsletter so I'm considerin the grace period for those who "put in the work" to be over)
  7. Errolson and Crew know how to do shoulders, man.
  8. Anyone else receive their tracking number from Acronym and have the status be "label created" for the last 3 days? shipped a few hours later Think I know the feeling where you're trying to hug yourself/do the b-boy stance and you're worried something's going to tear in the back. I've unsuccessfully tried twice to make a jacket work so far; trying again... Also the armholes are really tight for me on the LA3&5 in XL while the rest is quite roomy.
  9. anyone know what track that is? also, the audio in the SISP AW 16/17 video.
  10. Looking forward to your report! Interesting, none of the pieces are part of the "for japan collection" and alpha shadow started carrying poutnik, offering only item out of that collection.
  11. I've been trying to make sense of these sizing measurements and comparing them to the images on the site and to stuff I had saved, and I can't seem to figure this one out: Is it possible that the J58-WS will have more room for wider/bigger shoulders than the J51-WS. Same for the J56-GT compared to the J27-GT.
  12. J56 Since someone is finally talking about the J56, I hope you don't mind me asking again: Anyone have an idea if there are two searate compartments in those cargo pockets or if top and side access lead to the same "space"? I think i would have prefred a zipper/buttons combination like elsewhere, but am intrigued by the closure and fast exit options I imagine this solution to provide. It seems like accessing the J58 left-side pockets might be a bit fiddly, given the extra material there?
  13. Have tried twice to make the ACR jacket fit work for me. Never got over missing out on the J47A-GT. Eying a J56 now. And have a couple of questions: > That new detached entry chest cargo pocket: Is that going to be the one cargo pocket accessible from the zippered top and the laterally accessible, closureless pocket between cargo pocket and body? Are those two pockets connected in any way (i.e. dropping something inside from the top and taking it out from "the side")? > Anyone have any experience with this kind of zipperless closure (CF?). Especiall since I'm thinking of combining it with a J58. Seems like a zippered outer layer would provide more straightforwad acces to the base layers' left side pockets. Or threading headphone cable through the zipper, but being able to acces connected phone from the side.
  14. This is a nice man purse! Good find. Do you have a Link for that danii? Lazy googling only got me a bunch cruise ship hits. The difference to an ordinary messenger bags is in a few details, but mainly the main compartment closure. The only reason I like flaps (with a collar) is because they allow you to pack so much that you cant close the buckles properly and usually all will stay inside through gravity and pullstrings. [Yeah you would have switched the buckles danii, wouldn't you. I may have the vision, but I severly lack the chops and equipment for such an operation and with de aluminum buckles version that would have been a bit more complicated.] Peak Design is a offering a nice big sling with a simiar opening/closure (that open towards the body though) with a lot of nice details. If you can get over the color options. Unfortunately that Bagjack Messenger seems to be one of those Asian Brand Exklusives and it was a bit under 300 (got it by chance at Tomorrowland, the store I usually try to get the f123 out of as soon as I'm in it.) The bagjack is simpler in appearance and looks like an ordinary messenger. The stabilizing strap that goes from sternum around the body seems better here through specific construction. The clip on the loose Part of strap (main) is awesome and a better solution than on the MW. (That alone should make that bag/experience "techwear". Just joking. But also not really.) The Bagjacl has 2 additional horizontal "strap" on the side for affixing pouches I guess. It has a slight collar (but smaller than the MW) on the main flap with a pullstring which I like. Then only a small outter puch with zipper closure on the front. Inside the main compartment (wich is constructed as all Bagjack seem to be: inner bags affixed with velcro to the outer "shell") The MW has more pockets. Way more. It has a way more comfortable main strap (shoulder area). I guess it comes down how/where you'd like to stow your stuff and how much you will be carrying (and how strong/boney your shoulders are). I like more of my stuf in the main compartment, than in various pockets all over the bag. I carry my flap loosly thrown over the bag most of the time. And I love the Fidlock Sliders! (unless I'm leaning against something medal and they go CLONK CLONK...) I could go on but I'm not very coherent at the moment. Hope this helps.