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  1. protect ya neck
  2. So many details to marvel at. So little pieces I can 'justify'. I can't get past the velcro shoulder patches on the J16, but am mesmerized by the two shoulder sleeves, the 'hidden' lower pockets and the storm flap retainer button. Could marvel at that high-res image of the x-back pattern all day. What a pity Tilak stopped doing it. A two-way zippered liner with detachable sleeves! But at the cost of looking like a military contractor/member of a paramilitary force? This piece is something I can only appreciate in theory, since I don't fish. I can see past the look of the zipper on the RAF P26 (and besides what danii mentioned, this could also be comfortable in urinal situations) but those bottom zippers, they seem to move the pant into that tracksuit territory and stack at the bottom. The pocket zippers I appreciate and think they shouldn't be a problem (at least they aren't on that SISP trainer pant from this summer; only worn in summer, mind you). The continued samurai armour silhouette thing I see on the P23A (and the pockets creating it) is just crazy. But how practical are they on the pants – that are already quite wide and now made from 'elastic material' – once they are filled and you're walking? Talking of that silver zipper obsession; I would jump on that new J61 if it had a black zipper and on that black stotz J56 if I didn't already own the GT version. Maybe one day we'll get a real collared vest with those J58 pockets.
  3. Appreciate the info & presentation. Nice choice of scissors.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to this thread. You guys alerted me to the restock, when I logged on somewhat randomly, drink in hand, at the end of a day in Berlin of all places. Yes, some stuff sold out while I was spazzing around with the password and showing images of old stuff to my girlfriend, but I managed to grab a J-40S in black/L and my girlfriend is rather happy with her new SS-JF1B. Much appreciated. And talking of that restock; anyone know how that came about? — And speaking of smaller sizes. If S is the size you're after and you're looking for some recent stuff, I'd ping Andreas Murkudis in Berlin. I saw a 46U (i think), 56, 58 & a 61 hanging there.
  5. Maybe because he wrote "(...) the pure pleasure of owning." In uppercase.
  6. Is this peak cobra buckle (yet)? Next stop will be all about those interesting new products using these fascinating new magnetic closure solutions...
  7. If it's not in a directory on your personal computing device, then you've probably been sleeping or forgot to put in the work. I know I have; don't anymore.
  8. Long shot interest check: WTT (preferably within Europe): – LA6B-DS size Large (only tried on – too tight) for size X-Large – LA5-MP Olive in X-Large (worn a dozen times at most) for the same in Black, X-Large
  9. Just didn't get around to writing it down, but i enjoy the jacket too. Awesome length, generous width, the lower pockets are at a nice height, and they're huge. Like that wrist tightening mechanism(?). Like the hood (even though i can't close it all the way up, noggin's too big), like how the zipper makes the collar stand up a bit. Glad to report that ones beard doesn't get caught in it; I guess the zipper model makes the difference. I might wish for the upper pockets to be a little bit higher for a more angled arm position... I enjoy the packing solution and am rather thrilled about the bar button at the top (wish they would use it on shirts). The best? Couldn’t tell you, since as a couple of people have noted it's usually only after the proverbial dust settles that i come around to appreciate certain variation/features/details of the whole collection. And you can't really buy a jacket just because it has beautiful seams, can you. But definately an absolute luxury purchase.
  10. this triggered my memory (...). These bags (there's all sorts of styles with this feature) don't have molle at all but they offer an interesting solution to a problem, display it to a dramatic score and seem well made in general: http://vertx.com/edc-courier-bag It would be fun to 'mod' them to be able to draw other stuff.
  11. Many smart features. Did you figure out if it's possible to adjust the shoulder strap length when carrying the bag/under load? Edit: I got a reply from them, saying that "adjustment should be possible even under load. You would just need to unlock the bottom cam and pull the tab to adjust."
  12. I understand the situation; I think deep down I was trying to express my bemusement at the fact that I had just payed half as much as it cost for something to get to me, as the creators got payed to have created it, per unit. And that I appreciate the chance to have been able to.
  13. Speaking of ridiculous: Shipping to CH is €27 (sic!). And if thats any indication it'll might get shipped by FedEx or the like; this in turn would mean another another CHF20+0.70 import fees. I paused... for a second. Thanks for the heads up, just looked at the site a week ago.
  14. Since the model you mentioned doesn't feature the removable liner, have you had any experience with throwing the shoes into the washing machine yet? (Since thats probably somethign I'd have to do)