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  1. skailz

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    Chinese factories improved 3a1 and 3a2, not so big, but be careful.
  2. skailz


    Hello guys! Long time lurking and got my personal grail and I want to share some info in my small review. So, Acronym 3A-2, sample, since later RECON time (as previous owner said). Print is pretty nice for its age. I don’t have any additional info about this, but some people said that this bag from 2003-2005. Inner layer is a synthetic material. I guess like an other 3A-2 bags (but new releases have xpac one). it has small pocket, I think it perfectly suits for mobile telephones from 00s. Next thing - it has much more thicker nylon straps. I mean than later 3A releases. Also it doesn’t have hook such as on 3A-1. Also pay attention to sewing stitching, it really poor, modern versions from Bagjack have a good one, maybe because of thickness of strap. Spanish buckles are the same. SEA AIR LAND SPACE INFORMATION ACR Backside mesh is also the same. Aslo I still didn’t find any info about this strap loop on the bottom. 3A-2 owners, how do you use it? Some exfoliating on the puller label, but it can be easily fixed by an iron. Maybe do it later. Backside. Frontside. Looks like new, really like it. Thanks for attention!
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