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  1. kameidaclub

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Fair enough and my apologies if you feel offended. The blog author Vegtan archives many articles and surely very informative. As said before, I have never heard of 40 euro sq.ft. That was the point. 105 euro that you linked is very good! Thanks for the website! And as you said in point c), I am just a customer and I can only say the retail price from the customers point of view. edit: Thanks to ALB, $66 is definitely competitive! answer to the add-on: No, I only asked to two as it was considered the only tanneries handle cordovan. At the same time, I have talked to the owner of the F.E.W (leather jacket/products company at NewZealand) and he said the same about the cordovan. I actually have not asked to Shinki and Horween about other tanneries.
  2. kameidaclub

    Shoes that look better with age...

    ^I'm with ALB. Once I have also asked to Shinki and Horween (They were the only two cordovan suppliers AFAIK) and they both said over $100 sq.ft depending on the grade (Better cordovan costs x1.5). http://vegtan.blogspot.com/2015/08/horween-part4.html This blog is about the price of cordovan. (Sorry it's in Japanese) The graph says 2 sq.ft costs $202 in Jun 2014 and I'm very sure the current price is higher. So I am also very curious about which tannery sells at 40 euro. Is it really retail price? Have you seen the leather itself? Are there any pictures? Which maker uses that cordovan? And as ALB said before, there are various interpretations about the word "cordovan". This is my cordovan shoes. 1950s Town Shoes from Wolverine It clearly says cordovan. But people can easily says its not cordovan (both upper and outsole). This is the ad from 1956 LIFE magazine. Now and old, cordovan is not always the cordovan like Alden uses, even if horse leather is used.
  3. kameidaclub


    My turn Jamesfabled (shop in Osaka) 1001XX around 2005 Love the "Praide in Kojima"
  4. kameidaclub


    Warehouse official lucky bag, you pay 10000yen, 30000yen, or 50000yen, then choose your tops size (S,M,L,XL) and bottoms size(28-36). But some shops allowed bottoms size only S/M/L (maybe 28-30/31-33/34-36), so people might not like the fit and sell them through web auctions. BTW the quality of luck bag is getting worse and uniform every year, 10+ years ago 10000yen bag occasionally included jacket: today in most cases 10000yen bag consist of 2 t-shirts and 1 trousers/jeans. And of course, you cannot choose the specific products and the shops want to dispose the unsold/unpopular products; no wonder it's unlucky bag for someone Below are just guessing: As for frankenstein jeans, shops and customers (who pay full price) don't like the sample sale and inazuma festival where original jeans are sold at half price or so. (eg; many complained that Samurai jeans sold their original jeans too much at a low price, today they do not join the inazuma festival.) That's why warehouse started producing frankenstein jeans and selling them for popularizing purpose. But I have no doubt about the quality, they are surely produced on the same line.
  5. kameidaclub


    AFAIK, the pink selvedge denim is for sample-sale, inazuma-festival, and lucky-bag. Maybe pink selvedge and yellow selvedge are woven at the same factory, but the pink selvedge denim is cheaper and so used for many other brands. I just googled and found these: https://deni-log.com/warehouse-1001xx-luckybagmodel-currentmodel-compare/ https://deni-log.com/warehouse-lot1000-1001xx-01/ https://deni-log.com/warehouse-lot1101-2019-luckybagmodel-review/
  6. kameidaclub


    FYI, best way to identify when produced is to have a look at metal parts. ^very first parts (1995-1998). The button is made of zinc, and rivets are copper. ^1998-2001. The button is made of iron, and note that the rivet says "K.K." instead of "O.K.". ^2002- button is iron, and rivets are iron with copper plating. Button is white-ish rather than silver. The label with big W is for Warehouse Osaka store in 1997 (not very sure), but also produced for the sample-sale jeans and lucky-bag jeans. Recently warehouse produces sample jeans with old labels and variety of texture, but old metal parts are not used, afaik. Hope this helps
  7. kameidaclub


    1001XX(Banner denim) almost 2 years