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    I appreciate your help.
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    first time warehouse buyer and first time superfuture poster looking for sizing and washing advice regarding lot 800. i typically wear size 29 or 30 but am unsure what to expect the waist, front rise and inseam measurements to be after all shrinkage is out for sizes 28-31. for reference i have a size 28 pair of lvc 33501 (one hot soak) that fits my waist well with a 14.5-14.75 inch waist, front rise just a hair short of 11.5 inches. also have a size 30 pair of 90s lees that fit well with a 14.5 inch waist and a 10.5 inch rise. respectively their inseams measure 32.5 and 31.5 inches; i wish they were both somewhere between a half inch and inch longer. i don't have much of a backside, so i like having to stretch out the waistband and keeping things tight up top. at the same time i prefer my jeans higher and want to account for the increase in rise measurement between tag sizes. correct me if i'm wrong, but after reading through the thread i'm troubled that WH jeans continue to shrink after their in-house one wash treatment. i'd rather not double wash the jeans before wearing them in, so i'm thinking about getting a raw pair and doing a comprehensive wash or soak to get it all out up front. does this make sense, and if so how would you go about this? and what size would you recommend?