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  1. ameritech

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Hey 711 wearers... looking for some sizing guidance. A pair of new one wash 30/ 32s came in the mail today. Crazy about them already. Unfortunately these are too short, I have to return them and order from Japan I guess. I read through the thread but still have a few questions. 1. The 711 is a different denim than the 710, 712 & 713. What is the stretch like? I’ve had a few Guinnesses with dinner, and these feel slightly tight in the waist- getting towards the right width, but not quite there, still a little tight. Earlier today they felt a few hairs short of proper. Totally comfortable otherwise at both times. It seems the other denim stretches a lot- does the 711 denim? Should I go to 29? 2. Can anyone comment on how the 711 pattern changes with inseam increase? For sizes 29 and 30, I’m seeing some 34 but mostly 36” length pairs (unfortunately no odd numbers like the 710 guys get). Don’t have a problem with getting them hemmed, that’s easy- more curious what happens to the cut.
  2. ameritech

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Boom, there we go... hope some others can chime in too...
  3. ameritech

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Considering 47s or 51s after seeing those pictures on the previous page duke... seriously, what a beautiful pair. Any info on how long they’ve used this denim for? Unfortunately I bring issues and trauma to the table... should I expect further inseam shrinkage from a one wash pair? I’m seeing measurements on rakuten listing the inseam on my size at 83cm, mostly 82cm- that length may work, but I simply can’t go shorter than that, and even that may be too short... I’d be very happy if someone told me there was a dealer with long inseams, but I don’t think that’s the case. Please let me know of any other important sizing information... Advice here is much appreciated.
  4. ameritech

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    4 or so weeks! Are you crazy? Jokes aside, I think self edge is the only warehouse dealer that will supply longer inseams... no small thing. Not sure it’s the house style but I can’t be the only guy who’s been left behind (lol) and would immediately pick up a longer 1001xx. I’m assuming this isn’t something one could special order through you (correct me if I’m wrong).
  5. Looking for some advice about sizing... I want to order a pair of mister freedom lot 54’s off their site. They’re made from a sanforized 13oz cone denim. Got to try em on in a store and though the 28 was tight, much tighter and they’d be too tight, it seemed like they would stretch out perfectly. I liked the way the 29 looked but there was a bit of space in the waist, and didn’t think that the inevitable stretch would do any good there. but... I’m thinking with this pair I want “vintage fades”. Planning on washing hot after every ~2 weeks of wear. Maybe even throwing them in the dryer once in a while (though maybe that’s too unpredictable, I’m curious if anyone has experience with this). should I still go with the 28? Maybe wear them for 2 weeks raw to stretch out and then do the hot wash? In that case I’d be worried about the inseam shrinking too much and throwing off the creases. alternatively I could get the 29 and do my best to shrink them up front. what do you think?
  6. ameritech


    I appreciate your help.
  7. ameritech


    first time warehouse buyer and first time superfuture poster looking for sizing and washing advice regarding lot 800. i typically wear size 29 or 30 but am unsure what to expect the waist, front rise and inseam measurements to be after all shrinkage is out for sizes 28-31. for reference i have a size 28 pair of lvc 33501 (one hot soak) that fits my waist well with a 14.5-14.75 inch waist, front rise just a hair short of 11.5 inches. also have a size 30 pair of 90s lees that fit well with a 14.5 inch waist and a 10.5 inch rise. respectively their inseams measure 32.5 and 31.5 inches; i wish they were both somewhere between a half inch and inch longer. i don't have much of a backside, so i like having to stretch out the waistband and keeping things tight up top. at the same time i prefer my jeans higher and want to account for the increase in rise measurement between tag sizes. correct me if i'm wrong, but after reading through the thread i'm troubled that WH jeans continue to shrink after their in-house one wash treatment. i'd rather not double wash the jeans before wearing them in, so i'm thinking about getting a raw pair and doing a comprehensive wash or soak to get it all out up front. does this make sense, and if so how would you go about this? and what size would you recommend?
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