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    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I'm sorry to spam the thread... but I'm continuing to pursue older LVC 66 501s. Was not able to find any information about shrinkage on LVC Japan editions, so am pivoting to made in USA/ cone. I'm curious what kind of inseam shrinkage to expect with US made, cone pairs. Looking for ideally 32" after repeated 60s style hot laundromat washes & air drying, but don't mind getting the jeans hemmed. Seems like the production of L36 (safest option) pairs was limited, could I get away with an L34 pair? Would be extremely helpful if someone with experience could post measurements of their cone 66s in L34 & L36 with corresponding general wash history. Searched a lot for this info on the forum and elsewhere. Not that easy to find info about the inseam, waist size advice (go true to size) is readily available.
  2. ameritech

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    anyone have experience with Levi's Japan 1966 501s? believe these were manufactured exclusively in the late 90s- early 00s? fuzzy on LVC japan operating dates. I'm curious what the denim is like on these, but having a hard time finding photographs of worn pairs. & I'm wondering if anyone could advise on sizing for them... how do measurements relate to tag size? jeans would be hot washed and then air dried prior to wear, and then the hot washed & air dried once or twice a month. curious how much shrinkage comes off the length and off the waist. and are there considerable differences between LVC japan and regular LVC 66s anyone could comment on?
  3. ameritech

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Anyone one know where I can find a pair of white 711s in size W30 L36? Best would be a shop that ships to the US, but curious either way. Sold out in that size at the Japanese retailers I was checking, not sure if any shops outside of Japan got anything other than L32 pairs. Also curious if anyone knows whether there will be continued restocks of the white pairs.
  4. Thanks @Maynard Friedman, that's helpful, I was not aware of the distinction between bio & non-bio detergents. Have you used these on your jeans before? Any tips? I have to admit that knowing bleach is in the equation has me a bit skittish, don't want to overdo it and go too light too soon. Funny enough, the Superstitch marketing blurb reads "detergent that allows you to frequently wash without attacking the canvas and indigo", no mention of 60s or 70s- I read that in a search result of the board from user @Collin. I guess what they're going for is color removal of harsher detergents while going a bit easier on the fabric. Can't imagine the biological powders are good for the long term strength of the jeans if I'm washing every 2w or so. But within reason that's a compromise I'm willing to make
  5. Looking for a detergent recommendation. Want to wash my jeans at my laundromat pretty regularly and trying to ape the color of 1970's/ late 1960's Levi's. Not an expert on this, but I have gathered that optical brighteners were standard in detergents in the US at that point. I'm not sure to what extent, or what else was going into detergent formulas at that time, or anything about detergent really. Read on here that Superstitch in Paris makes a detergent designed to get this effect out of washes. It's sold out on their site. My gathering is that the majority of other specialty denim detergents are very gentle and that what I'm looking for is harsh (correct me if I'm wrong). Anyone here tried for something similar or have anything helpful to share? If someone could recommend a widely available detergent in the US that resembles the 60's/ 70's formulas, or at least will get similar results, I would appreciate it... I'm thinking there could be an easy on-the-shelf solution here, but I've only used Dr. Bronner's (very gentle). Also please contact me if you've got a bottle of the superstitch stuff that you don't use.
  6. ameritech

    Ladies high end repro vintage denim

    Anatomica makes a popular women’s 701 repro/ interpretation. No cinch back, but Levi’s never released a cut specifically intended for women with a cinch back until the late 70s under the orange tab (decidedly fashion and not workwear) line.
  7. ameritech

    Ladies high end repro vintage denim

    Which LVC’s does she have?
  8. ameritech

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Hey 711 wearers... looking for some sizing guidance. A pair of new one wash 30/ 32s came in the mail today. Crazy about them already. Unfortunately these are too short, I have to return them and order from Japan I guess. I read through the thread but still have a few questions. 1. The 711 is a different denim than the 710, 712 & 713. What is the stretch like? I’ve had a few Guinnesses with dinner, and these feel slightly tight in the waist- getting towards the right width, but not quite there, still a little tight. Earlier today they felt a few hairs short of proper. Totally comfortable otherwise at both times. It seems the other denim stretches a lot- does the 711 denim? Should I go to 29? 2. Can anyone comment on how the 711 pattern changes with inseam increase? For sizes 29 and 30, I’m seeing some 34 but mostly 36” length pairs (unfortunately no odd numbers like the 710 guys get). Don’t have a problem with getting them hemmed, that’s easy- more curious what happens to the cut.
  9. ameritech

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Boom, there we go... hope some others can chime in too...
  10. ameritech

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Considering 47s or 51s after seeing those pictures on the previous page duke... seriously, what a beautiful pair. Any info on how long they’ve used this denim for? Unfortunately I bring issues and trauma to the table... should I expect further inseam shrinkage from a one wash pair? I’m seeing measurements on rakuten listing the inseam on my size at 83cm, mostly 82cm- that length may work, but I simply can’t go shorter than that, and even that may be too short... I’d be very happy if someone told me there was a dealer with long inseams, but I don’t think that’s the case. Please let me know of any other important sizing information... Advice here is much appreciated.
  11. ameritech

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    4 or so weeks! Are you crazy? Jokes aside, I think self edge is the only warehouse dealer that will supply longer inseams... no small thing. Not sure it’s the house style but I can’t be the only guy who’s been left behind (lol) and would immediately pick up a longer 1001xx. I’m assuming this isn’t something one could special order through you (correct me if I’m wrong).
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