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  1. i'm not really upset i'm just calling you out kid

  2. left sufu for maybe a year and this SSchadenfreude is supposed to be the best shit talker now? really disappointed...

  3. started from the bottom now -1 reputation points

  4. How do I not get duped by Comcast if I sign up for internet?

    1. landa


      hire a lawyer

  5. How to wear all white without looking like an ass?

  6. K um, Mz.Fronteraa to The lobby plees. Awkwerd mane but yea to thee mfnnnn lobbay prontoo

  7. Trying to negotiate this site , not sure if it's just be but I'm finding it hard , I don't know if it's me or iv just been spoilt with newer slick social sites .

    1. landa


      what are you trying to negotiate with it?

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  8. when is kirkland gonna collab with merona

  9. petition to change ron_el's name to el_ron hubbard

  10. i ate two double cheeseburgers and ill eat another

  11. why i tuck everthing tho, just cant untuck now, its a disease.

    1. landa


      tucking isn't a choice, it's a lifestyle

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