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  1. Hi- I'm new here, and am curious about a pair of very old,somewhat distressed Red Wing 8248 boots I recently bought second hand. I believe they were made in the early 1990s(according to the ANSI label) and were the women's equivalent of the classic 2268 Engineer Boot-not that I care about the gender thing cos they fit me and look pretty good to me regardless of which sex they were made for. Basically i wanted to know if anyone knows what is the leather type so I can try and restore them- they look as if they were originally a sort of nubuck leather but appear to have been deliberately polished or worn shiny due to wear.



  2. im not really turned off by any brand, with the exception of the Rock & Republic/ True Religion garbage. Im more turned off by the exxxxtreme fades that many people tend to like. Im talking the almost bleached honeycombs and stack marks, with the rest of the jean relatively fade free. Anything that gets too contrasty just starts to look foolish after a certain point, and I feel too many people cross that point. Just my opinion though, to each their own.

  3. Hey Kiya, received my Kawatako key hook. Thanks, its great. was too lazy to Bart over and pick it up in person.

    One question: You guys planning on doing any more Self Edge by Al's Attire type of shirts in the future?

  4. has anyone here swapped out the soles on their indys for a crepe sole?

    There are pics in this thread somewhere (i know, big help there...) of a guy who got a Christy sole put on his Indy boots. I personally dont think it looks very good, but thats just me..

  5. damn, those are nice. I'm considering a rough out version. How long was the production time on those? That black CXL is beautiful. My SJ's are in black CXL. Cannot wait.

    I have that sole on my RW 3141, and I kinda like it. It grips very well on wet/dry concrete around my house, but I could see there being a serious traction issue on the type of concrete/cement you guys have in Europe. The older cement with a rockier, cobbly composition would probably be pretty slick. The shitty sandy cement they use here is basically like sandpaper.

  6. I can dig those. I like the texture. I think Im going to have to introduce some English boots into my life. Its no longer an option. Shit has gotten serious. There is a place in San Francisco that carries Trickers, but I believe they are all collaborations with Brooklyn Circus. I like the look of them, but not sure a collabo is the way to go. At least Ill get some last/sizing idea's...

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