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  1. so those are 8" bounty hunters, or smoke jumpers? bh are on semidress last, which your boots appear to be.

    when did you order yours, and was it direct from white's or through bakers?

    just about 8 months for me too and no delivery confirmation from bakers. did the foot trace too, but still getting nervous about sizing.

    They are 8" smoke jumpers built on the semi dress (also known as bounty hunter) last. Ordered through Bakers, took about 8 weeks, a bit less. As far as I can tell, Whites is super busy, thus making production take a bit longer. You could always call and ask for an update.

  2. Chalk this up under shoes that will look better with age. 8 week wait is over. Fit is spot on. I was a bit nervous about the whole tracing of the foot thing Bakers does, but they did a better job of sizing these boots to my foot than the usual clowns at a shoe/boot store could do in person.

    *' Smoke jumper on bounty hunter last. all CXL everything, 1/2 composite vibram sole, heel lowered 1/4"


  3. hey garden gnomes, i was totally flummoxed by the "model's" measurements. i would ignore what size he's wearing, cuz he obviously sized up to get a draped, looser fit without having a break-in period. i'm 160-165# and got a 31, so that dude's on crack. i went tts with the new cut and the same size as the contest chinos i have (which are clearly cut larger in the thigh) and am glad i did. i was worried at first as they were very snug (ok, tight!) but they have stretched very nicely and are great trim fit. i posted a couple of photos a page back. good luck.

    how much would you say they stretch? These are like fucking spandex at the moment. I have been taking with Christian (who, by the way takes the cake in terms of standing behind his product and helping people. hats off to him and Left Field) and he is going to send me a 33. I think that would be the best bet regardless, as Im not looking for a snugger, jeans type of fit. Thanks for the info btw.

  4. Regarding the fit of the most recent miners chino's. I just received a pair of 32 (measure 33") caramel chino's in the mail. even though the posted measurements indicate they should fit, they are way to tight from about mid thigh to crotch. are these a slimmer cut this time around? also, the inseam measures 33", even though the site measures them at 35". I found it odd that the 150# model wears a 33, but now I kind of understand based on how these are cut. Im debating if I should get the 34, but Im afraid that in order to get a proper thigh fit, the waist band is going to be way huge.

  5. those buckles look fantastic. so much better than the stock buckles.

    pwing's, not mine, chippewa engineer boots:


    - double leather mid-sole

    - leather outsole

    - cat's paw heel

    - custom buckles




    my alden's orthopedic boots, black kid skin


    - double leather mid-sole

    - vintage biltrite soles and heels



    craftsmanship is fabulous as usual.

  6. They stretch, so be assured that they will most likely be tight at first but after a week or two of solid wear, they will loosen up. Oh, and sorry if I sounded like a dick, I was in a hurry and typed out a quick response. what I meant to say was if you have any immediate questions regarding sizing, either self edge or iron heart uk has a wealth of measurements.

  7. i'm slim man. if i buy DC4001 should i size down or size up .and how much dc 4001 will stretch up.

    thank you

    go to self edge or ironheart.co.uk and read the fit measurements and adjust accordingly man

  8. good stuff. Mine are set to land late next week, early next-next week. Kyle couldnt give me an exact, but thats good enough for me. I had a dream the other night they sent the totally wrong boots, made out of all kinds of fucked up sting ray and bullhide bull shit. woke up freaked out. its getting serious now, haha

  9. Not sure about the Desert Boots, but the Thorogoods wont need much care. Just get a horse hair brush and keep them clean and dirt free and let them wear in naturally. You could hit them with a glob of Obenauf's every 3-5 months, let sit overnight and brush in the morning to get a bit of leather preserve and water resistance in there for good measure. Thats what I have been doing with my Red Wings and its kept them in great shape.

    these both came in the mail today... excuse the phone pics.

    thorogood 6" moc toe american heritage


    clarks db beeswax


    how should i take care of these to make sure they age well?

    edit: i'm wearing the thorogoods right now, and they are definitely the most comfortable shoes i own.

  10. no personal exp with the BB's, but I have read that up to 2" is not unheard of. FWIW, my 634S's took about 2 weeks of daily wear to get to the point where they didnt feel too tight.

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