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  1. concerned about the leather on my white's being too dry, i hastily treated them with obenauf's lp. i forgot about the darkening effect on the colour and went the full deal. now my boots are dark brown.

    will the leather lighten up over time as the oils are drawn back out of the leather?

    Everytime I have used Obenauf's, it has not permanently discolored my leather. I have used it on pull up leather and bridle leather. Since your bboots are the distressed leather, yo most likely will notice a significant change right away, but over time, it should return to the original color, or pretty damn close at least

  2. Kiya, you probably know the answer to this so Ill shoot: Does Iron Heart rotate between Western and "regular" work shirts by season? Im really not a fan of the western shirt style but love the work shirt/traditional style of shirts. Will we see any more non-westerns soon? Thanks

  3. yea, all of us who just received, or will be receiving soon our Whites got in at a good time. Not sure if I could stomach a longer wait than I experienced, which was right on the money with what they told me it was going to be (8 weeks). Fire season pretty much doubles the wait, and with all the freaky weather going on in the US, its no wonder shit gets backed up. 14 weeks for Vibergs sounds like torture, lol

  4. I did, I put my order in as soon as they announced the leather was available. Coming up on week 5 now. Soon...

    Kyle from Bakers posted on Facebook the lead times for custom boots from Whites, Nicks, Wesco etc.. the other day. Im glad I got my order in and completed before the rush. Fucking Wesco's these days are taking up to 14 weeks for an order. Whites I believe are up to 9-11 weeks now.

    edit: Just for accuracy's sake, the lead times are as follows as of 4 June 2012

    Whites: 8-9 weeks

    Nicks: 12-14 weeks

    Wesco: 14-16 weeks (+$125 to rush teh job and cut the time in half

    Drew's: 6-12 weeks

    Bakers: 10-12 weeks

  5. I think they offer free return postage. If you are an E width to begin with you are golden, and most likely will really like the boots. Very well made, its just a shame they only offer it in EE widths for those of us who are D's and want the boots to fit properly. Although, if you are going to use them for actual hiking, the vibram sole that comes with the Tanner goods Danner boot is about as bad as it gets for hiking

  6. i need hiking boots

    so i'm gunna get some danner for tanner :D

    i've been drooling over these ever since the release

    will anyone post some picture of a worn in pair ?

    edit; sizing advice is welcome too

    i've already emailed tg but still waiting for a response . . .

    FWIW, the Danner stumptown boots are only available in EE width. If you are a standard D, they will tell you to just size down, but when I tried that, it didnt promote a proper fit. Just FYI, I suggest you try on before you buy if possible.

  7. there is indeed no bounty hunter last as what BrownMetallic said. it doesn't exist. to no fault of yours, i think you could have been confused by the build-a-boot site. it was discussed here previously when i made the enquiry about the difference between a bounty hunter and a semi dress (or a smokejumper, i cant remember) a long long time ago. i was also confused between a bounty hunter and a smokejumper.

    a bounty hunter is quite simply a smokejumper on a semi-dress last i think the build-a-boot site should have listed that option as "Semi Dress Last (Bounty Hunter)" instead of "Bounty Hunter (Semi Dress Last)". not trying to be smart or anything but i think this explanation and affirmation will make things a lot easier and prevent a lot of confusion for anyone looking at a bounty hunter down the line... in any case, you have a pair of well-made boots that will last you forever. enjoy them!

    I see what you are saying, and I might have gotten the explanation mixed up, although what you are saying is what I was thinking, and doing a poor job of typing out. Thanks for the clarification. The boots are great, break in time seems to be pretty easy compared to some other boots I have had.

  8. .

    exactly! 'wasnt really playing semantics, just trying to make clear so peeps won't get mixed up/confused with the models.

    indeed, Bounty Hunter = Smoke Jumper on Semidress last__ there's no "Bounty Hunter Last"..

    actually, there is a bounty hunter last. If you want a semi dress last on anything other than a semi dress boot, you need to order bounty hunter last. when you order a semi dress, the standard last is the bounty hunter last. at least this is how I did it. I didnt see an option to order a "White's Bounty Hunter", so I had to sort of build it myself. Im sure if you order over the phone and tell them you want a bounty hunter, they will know what you are talking about though.


  9. I just stopped by AB Fits in San Francisco and tried on the R400. Quality is superb, but the cut doesnt agree with me. The rise is lower than my liking. Its unfortunate because I would have rocked the fuck out of those jeans. But for those who have not handled them, rest assured that the quality of construction is fantastic. I firmly believe that if these had a Made in USA or Made in Japan tag, they would go for upwards of $300 easily. If the rise was a bit higher, it would have been an instant purchase.

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