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  1. 6 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

    yes, it's lame and hypocritical of the other brand involved in this little rodeo... I hope this is what you meant.



    Yes, that’s what I meant. 


    Fuck it, it’s an inconvenience but I’m sending mine in. TCB doesn’t deserve to be raked across the coals over a stupid arc design. I’m more irritated than anything really. And while I’m hating a certain person in the denim industry and won’t ever buy their products again, I do kind of get where they are coming from. What I don’t get is the unwillingness to find a better resolution. That’s shitty. 

  2. Had a hankering for a proper French dip the other day and where else to get a French dip in San Francisco than the Italian quarter North Beach (sarcasm #1).

    As challenging as it was to pass culinary marvels such as “The Stinking Rose” and “Mona Lisa Cafe” and “Trattoria Pinocchio” (sarcasm #2) I knew my destination by the logo.  Sandwich shop ran by whom I believe is the chef at one of the famous Persian restaurants just around the corner (Maykadeh), so they know their meats.  The spicy pickles are fantastic too and i would never have thought to be so excited about pickles.  

    On the way back to the office I had a chance to reminisce on the movie Bullett with Steve McQueen.  He meets up with someone at a place called Enrico's, which I was fortunate enough to go to when I first moved here.  Alas, like all good things, it went out of business and has been replaced by awful restaurants after awful restaurants.  Now its just shuttered (called Naked lunch for christ sake) and homeless people smoke crack in the doorways.  What a shame, but most of Sf is a shame these days.  









  3. On 1/12/2018 at 6:00 AM, louisbosco said:

    @Wei Wen thanks man. a wise man (my godmother and cousin), who's in the watch industry, once taught me "if you wanna get a watch, only ever get rolex or patek. they're sure to appreciate in value and hold it's value no matter what the situation is."

    although from my POV, i'd much rather have the AP. love the royal oak's shape. nothing too fancy though, maybe the basic auto or even the chrono..

    i was always on the fence about this.  I primarily would buy and wear watches that appeal to me in terms of style and design over investment.  Honestly, Rolex and most Patek designs are just plain boring in my opinion but they can get away with it because they are Rolex and Patek!  That said, this old French watchmaker I used to work with put it very simply.  If you get kidnapped in the Congo, a Rolex could secure your freedom.


    The Royal Oak was always one of my favorite designs also.

  4. 2 hours ago, Collin said:

    I totally get you, but comparing my TCB 50 hand-washed and my TCB 50 slim OW, there are enough differences (when not so used) that I mind doing the process myself.

    I'd be curious to see if this stays true over time.  My initial understanding is that the only time the difference is really that noticeable is in the beginning.

  5. Bakers Oxfords in red dog roughout. 


    Had these since 2012 and they will soon go in for their 3rd resole. Thinking about that split vibrant 2020(?) Gloxi cut sole in white this time around for something different. 


    Second sole pic isnt uploading.   it’s basically bald haha 




  6. Not much denim updates from me. Spent another evening at the park chasing my daughter around, going up and down slides and shit. Dad fades in progress. My daughter saw a kid she goes to school with and they were having fun until this kids neighbor shows up and suddenly these boys become assholes. This other kid kicked my daughter and I almost went ‘Ndrangheta on him. Once the blood rage cleared I just got the fuckers mom to take him away haha. Little bitch. Then I made sauce. 





  7. the base movement is a Sellita movement, number sw-200.  Oris probably embellishes it (decorates it) and calls it by their movement #.  I dont know what additional things they add to it, if any

  8. So I did some training at Breitling in Connecticut where their US service center is.  For most of their pilot watches they just pressure test with desktop machines.  They simulate a certain Bar, I cannot remember the exact but more than any desktop diver would go,  but without water.  If any leaks occur it does this weird sporadic pressure release until its safe to open the unit so you can dig in a see where the failure was.  However they had this special room where they had this beefy pressure tester that used both actual water and vacuum (i think this was the case, my memory is a bit foggy on the specifics so I could be wrong).  But what I do know is the glass viewing port was super thick and you had to "batten down the hatch" like a submarine before you could use it.  It was a wild sight to see and my guess cost many many thousands of dollars

  9. One of my Favorite watches I used to own was an Ollech and Wajs Caribbean 1000.  It looked similar to that, as it seems that was the style for divers watches in the era.  I personally love the look.  Although I did tests and can guarantee the thing wasnt WR to 1000M.  The crown tube was friction fitted to the case vs higher end divers watches that actually were screwed in.  It passed the general pressure tests that most table top machines could test for but it failed a couple of times until I rigged up an epoxy solution.  

  10. 1 hour ago, louisbosco said:


    oh what a shame.. i've got good memories of SF from when i visited back in 2008. back then, the vibe i got from the city was that it was really artsy, vibrant and such freedom in exploring the arts and what not, kinda like freedom to express yourself. but of course, visiting is very different from living there. would love a trip there again some day.

    thats the old SF.  Now its all young tech boi's "disrupting the system", building apps so people can spend even less time face to face and more time fucking around on a mobile device.  its a shame.  

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