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  1. So I’ve shed a bit of gut fat because I went against the family tradition by cutting out red wine from my diet. So I’m cinching the cinch a bit more than I used to and noticed some interesting butt puckering going on. Will be cool to see where this goes. 

    (Still can’t post bigger than 2mb from mobile, still have to do this absurd email and resize game...)



  2. @dau what city is that?


    @Bobbo Found out some more details regarding my Swedish great great grandparents.  Please excuse the spelling if incorrect.  One was born is Vastra Furtan.  Another was from some island designated for the king of Sweden called Kroksta Island??  I cannot find this so I assume its a spelling error but her dad was a game warden there or something.  

    Oh, and your last name convention in Sweden is fucking confusing haha

  3. those are awful.  I cannot stand mixed and matched fabrics and patterns like that.  I have an entire shirt made of the sleeve fabric in the first pic and I love it

  4. 13 hours ago, Broark said:

    Great, thank you! Those thigh measurements are pretty big huh. Glad the rise is nice and high too. Going to try and track a pair down from JP in size 5, proven to be difficult thus far. 

    I got mine from Bureau Belfast. No reason to get them from Japan in my opinion. 

  5. On 4/22/2018 at 7:41 PM, Broark said:

    @garden gnomes in space What size did you get in the regular fit fatigues? I think we’re close in size, so if you could provide some measurements that’d be cool.

    size 5.  Waist is 36", upper thigh is 14.75", front rise is 13.5", rear rise 18", leg opening 9.5" 


    I had them hemmed so i dont know the inseam but Im 6' and had 5" removed and can still pull off a small cuff

  6. so i just took ownership of the normal fit fatigues.  Compared to the slim fit, these are obviously wider in the leg but they are also button fly vs the slim fit which has a zipper.  Just some interesting but borderline useless info for y'all

  7. Since mom is visiting I had her sew the contest patch onto my replacement-replacement pair. Still salty about no unique pocket bags but it’s good to be back into some TCB. This denim is great btw. Unfortunately my replacement of the replacements didn’t get the updated inseam request so they are a bit longer than I wanted  






  8. i love the fatigue pants.  the fabric itself is fantastic and the details are nice also.  I have the slim version, sized up.  I think I would prefer the normal cut at this point personally.  

  9. Thanks Volvo, they showed up today.  The mailman rang and gave me all of 1.5 seconds to get to the door before he started writing upi the door tag that would require me to go to the Post Office and navigate the ignorant, elderly and uninformed to collect them so thankfully they are now in my possession taking a cold bath.  

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