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  1. if you nuke them you might get a bit in the length.  I usually get a bit in the waist as well but nothing that doesnt stretch back out. 

  2. 6 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    So theoretically...

    if a Swedish company stopped outsourcing manufacturing to Portugal which, (it has already been pointed out) is part of the same single market and has minimum wage regulations, plus a skilled labour force and the appropriate infrastructure and ability to meet demand 


    manufactured in Sweden, using (quite possibly) migrant labour, that may not have the same skills as the Portuguese workers (possibly migrants too) but are likely to receive higher wages, thereby increasing the overall price


    some people may be prepared to pay more money for a potentially inferior product that is made entirely in Sweden. Is that correct?

    Alternatively, if the Swedish company moved to Portugal, branded itself as Portuguese and used local labour, people would be happy to buy the same product.

    the point I was trying to make was that I personally prefer that a brand keep things as local as possible.    If this is not possible, or compromises their standards then they need to do what they need to do.  Thats it, really.  



    Edit** and let me add that I had no idea things were as globalized as they seem to be in the EU.  I was ignorant and remain ignorant to certain facts, one such being that Portugal is a hub for textiles and that everything from skilled labor to infrastructure exists there.  So thats on me, apologies for being ignorant.  

  3. 22 minutes ago, mrman said:

    I'd like to remind you that Sweden and Portugal, even though they are independent, are working in the same common market, EU. So outsourcing to Portugal is 'local' in the way that encourages commerce within the common market. It's analogous in a sense that a company from California would outsource something to Texas, same common market, different states.

    If I get it right, you are against outsourcing in general? Or just from USA to another country? When you buy something, do you personally check the working conditions or how do you choose what to buy, even MiUSA stuff? Or just believe that your favorite brands are doing the right thing? As you said, there are sweatshops in USA, too.

    I could be operating on dated wisdom and I fully acknowledge that things in teh EU might be different now.  Im not against outsourcing in general.  I am against a brand making a product in a cheaper market but charging a premium price.  To me thats dishonest to consumer and unfair to the workers.   Now, this might not be the discussion we are having right here right now but thats the foundation of my argument. Thats why when I buy a brand I consider where the brand is from and where they make their goods.  People were losing their shit when Nikon and Sony moved manufacturing to Thailand.  Historically they are Japanese brands.  Why move to Thailand?  What can Thailand do that Japan cant in this situation? I generally dont have an answer but I assume costs play a significant roll in the decision.  

    I try to buy responsibly, as responsibly as I can in this day and age at least.  Sometimes that means avoiding brands that utilized factories in Bangladesh that burned to the ground.  But in general, no I dont research working conditions.  But in the denim, boot and accessories part of my life, I can afford to consider this and buy from smaller brands where the supply chain isnt as convoluted.  Pretty sure Tezomeya isnt exploiting too many people in their shirt manufacturing.  I cannot speak on the t-shirt blanks that are loop wheeled in Japan that they use but its certainly a cleaner supply chain than a Hanes or Fruit of the Loom Tshirt


    EDIT  Let me address your past post also.  Portugal is just an example in this discussion.  I have products from Portugal and they are fine.  Not a single thing wrong.  Same with some stuff from China.  My issue is why would a brand from Sweden or from say Denmark make stuff there and not keep it local?  Generally, this is due to cost.  In this situation where Indigoferra is concerned that may or may not play a role in the country of manufacture.  I dont know.


    I wouldnt buy a Tricker boot that wasnt made in England.  I wouldnt buy a Malbec wine that wasnt from Chile or Argentina.  At this point I wouldnt buy jeans made anywhere other than Japan.

  4.  @Foxy2 what do you mean by flexible minimums?  The ability or willingness to run low production numbers?  

    For the record, I only mentioned IF because I know the bulk of their product is made in Portugal, which is not where they are from.  Its not about the machine operators nationality.  


  5. I think it makes perfect sense.  A Swedish brand making stuff in Portugal is doing it for one reason:  labor costs. I seriously doubt they could not do it locally, the price would just probably be more than most would be willing to pay.   Im not knocking IF, they are a small brand and have to do what they have to do.  For me, knowing that manufacturing got farmed out to a cheaper source would be and is enough to put me off.  In this niche market I reserve that right to be incredibly picky and choosy with what I buy and who gets my money.  Im not ignorant to the fact that most of my standard wardrobe is possibly made in squalid shit conditions, thats unfortunately the reality we live in, and I do as much as I can to avoid supporting brands that have sweatshops.  But when it comes to denim and leather and the absurd, I like local sourced stuff.  Now, if there was a Portuguese denim brand making dope denim shit, then it would not be a thing for me.  


    I feel the same way about LVC made in Turkey.  The quality is probably fine but it just rubs me the wrong way because its a cost of labor thing.  

    Leica is rumored (rumored, I have nothing other than the articles I have read to back this up) to make the majority of their bodies in Portugal and then assemble and stamp Made in Germany on them and charge a premium.  if that is true thats fucked up.  


    And dont be tricked by this Pitti Uomo Italian bullshit either.  Made in Italy means made by Eastern Europeans and Africans who get paid a lot less, not some grizzled old Italian who has been a shoemaker for 100 years.    As recent as 2 years ago NGO's found EU labor laws not being followed or enforced.  Its the same here in USA, just substitute Chinese and Mexicans



  6. they are incredibly breathable in my opinion.  This could be due to the fact that they are a very relaxed fit though.  But if the Indonesian Brotherhood can fade Iron Hearts in Jakarta these would feel like linen MC Hammer pants in comparison.


    BTW if anyone has a lead on a pair of these in size 4 let me know...

    Nevermind, after looking for weeks I found a pair...

  7. 1 hour ago, kevypf597 said:

    How quick was the turnaround for the hems? They just did a waste reduction on a pair of mine and did a fantastic job but they had my jeans for over 5 weeks.  You'd never know they were altered aside from the Railcar button where the original waistband button used to be. 

    was that button optional?  Or something they just did?  Im considering a waist reduction on a pair but they have donut buttons and I dont want a branded button on top

  8. fit looks fine.  waistband looks a bit tight for comfort.  I base this statement on my own gut situation and out fatting all but one pair of my jeans.  Im very sensitive to a tight waistband  

  9. I can chime in on this.. The denim is similar in weight but the texture and hand are different.  The warehouse denim is "fluffy" and the TCB's denim is pretty basic when raw.  In fact I would consider the TCB denim boring at first glance.  They do fluff up a bit upon forst wash however if my memory serves me correct.    The character develops as they fade, and slubs and imperfections in the weave start to appear.  i wasnt able to wear my Warehouse long enough to get a good fade into them but they remain my favorite denim thus far.  The TCB jeans are really nice as well in fact I really enjoyed the 50's

  10. 3 hours ago, kicks79 said:

    I'm wearing my pair of the USN pants right now.

    Great denim and very comfortable.  Definitely, give them a few hot washes before you alter them. They have a little bit of shrink in them. 

    good to know, thanks!  Hows teh denim wear?  They seem like they could possibly be a fast fading pair.  Have any pics of yours?  

  11. so ive been bit by the orSlow bug.  Just copped the us navy utility pant in denim.  I have always wanted the TCB seamans pants but didnt want the USN logo.  Anyways I kind of fell into these and decided to cop.  had to go abroad as these seem hard to find above a size 3.  The Bureau Belfast hooked it up, great service BTW.  These are a tad big on me and they def. need a hem.  Im gonna nuke them in a hot wash dry a couple times before i get around to hemming tho.  Anyways, pic taken from teh Bureau Belfast for identification purposes.  


    The denim is a lightweight maybe 9 or 10 oz, kinda neppy and really nice.  



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