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  1. 57 minutes ago, aho said:

    LOL you bet...The spacing between the buttons complicates it a bit though

    Not necessarily "wrong", just my body type and oversensitivity getting to me lol...I'm a bit out of the norm though, big gut (38" if measuring at widest point), chicken legs. If I was of more normal proportions, I'd probably be a size 30 given my height. With the higher rise, my body is being cinched off at my widest point. Even with the top button undone and wearing a belt, the belt will still cut me off since it sits at the same level, so I either have to sag, or let it all fly with suspenders which I'm thinking will be key. I blame genetics, but really all just TMI. Either way, I'm NOT dropping out this time! ;D



  2. 50 minutes ago, aho said:

    I'm aware I haven't posted any fit pictures as initially promised, but so it goes!

    As far as washes, I'm 4 deep but will be holding out on any more until it's needed as these things seem to fade REALLY fast, and are among the fastest faders I've experienced. Lots of bleed and crocking from the washer/drier alone, but I'm not looking for any sort of "artificial" fades from the machine so I'll be lessening my wash routine. Will be interesting to see everyone's progress in a few months time!

    That said, I need to get a TCB30's jacket, upsized but am concerned on the length proportion wise. My FC type 1 is in a good place, but hugs the body a bit too tight for my liking when buttoned. To think, I went from a size 38, to needing a Japanese size 44 in the past few years.........

    Back to the contest jeans, I also haven't missed a day, but am still a bit mixed on the rise. I have suspenders delivering today so hopefully that'll be the cure for my waist comfort issues!

    are you rocking the top button undone again?

  3. i recall TCB 50's shrinking from tag vs. SC which shrink to tag.  Of course I could be full of shit and not remembering correctly.  My 50s contest tagged size 35 measure out to about a 32 right out of wash/dry.  


    edit** i might be mixing Ooe with TCB, so ignore me.  

  4. i honestly was expecting a farmers fit.  But this is a nice cut.  top block is relaxed, thigh moderately wide but not sloppy and a roughly 9" opening.  Really like it.  The denim is really soft from the get go a la Ooe OA denim but feels like FC 13.7 oz denim, so i suspect in a few months these will be like sweatpants.  


  5. 13 minutes ago, volvo240thebest said:

    it will happen soon! I have rust on the jacket already, not yet on the jeans. I never use echo mode for jeans whatsoever, I just want them to float in as much water as possible.
    it's already echo enough to buy non wash jeans, echo mode ruined my first pair of 60s and I won't do it any more...I got some unaesthetic flod crinkles because of it, I think.

    I cant figure out how to wash non-eco.  Every wash cycle is like a fucking puddle with the clothes slopping around in it.  Probably could get better results on the banks of the ganges...

  6. Im really liking being back in jeans.  This cut is very nice, would actually like to see it in a non-cinch, non-repro offering.  Denim reminds me of Full Counts 13.7 oz offering as the texture and hand feel similar.  I picked the arcs last night to resemble the levi's arc so Im in full repro mode, with the exception of the suspender buttons.  


    RE: Rusty buttons.  Mine are still minty and shiny, interesting to see some rust on others.  maybe my eco-washer is too kind on these things.  


  7. Ok Ed, I love you and your Asian Charles Bronson swag but this is harassment. It already takes guts to be a female on SuFu let alone participate in a contest that has you posting images of clothing fitting your body.  She's already asked once to drop the 'joke'.  Lets welcome Mandel not run her out of town. 

  8. 9 hours ago, Foxy2 said:

    how comes this peasant has no central heating but owns a washing machine? isn't the peasant's wife (along with the 5 children) supposed to go to the river for that while you labour in the fields?

    Great pics everybody! looks like fun!

    will certainly be the last to receive the denim - EMS Russia is not that fast...

    Peasant with benefits.  

  9. Will BiG even carry Warehouse anymore?   or are they just waiting on a restock?  The only model they have listed is the 800 and there's only one size.  Seems they are reassessing what they offer?

  10. 23 hours ago, chicote said:

    The cuts I've owned (727, 747, 767) have all been a bit weird for their own reasons. 727 is very slim; my thighs outgrew them which has never happened on any other pair of jeans I've had, besides maybe my jeans from baby gap. 767 was very loose in the seat for me, sometimes that's okay but for some reason it looked quite bad on this pair. 747 was great except the rise felt like it should have been higher for the rest of the cut. I've never owned a pair of 737 but it seems like the best/most well-rounded straight cut out of all of those, judging by measurements... that'd be my recommendation.

    did you think the rear pockets should have been slightly higher?  for some reason in every pic i see they remind me of some G-Star jeans where the pockets are way too low.


    I want to like Stevenson but the listed measurements are never where I need them to be, mostly with the front rise.  

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