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  1. 5 hours ago, chunglove said:

    hey guys, @acrhive removed his IG, anyone know why?

    Don't worry though, you are not missing anything, the fits are getting worse and worse. Bandwagon kids are so obvious...

  2. Supreme seems like the next one lol


    On a serious note, I like everything from the collabs already made and wouldn't mind new Nike collab even though the hype. There aren't many choices on the market. And some japanese brand collab would be cool. A lot of us are/were UC heads and there were many tech attemps in the past. Visvim/Sasquatch and other more traditional might be cool as well. 

  3. less acrnm look=more wearability with other brands

    I did not like the pockets on 24A too and I don't find 3/4 cuts much wearable (weather aspects). Very good choice if you need some baggies.

  4. 2 hours ago, Haackk said:

    So I don't have any breaking news, but the staff at Firmament said they were expecting some ACR gear very soon when I was there yesterday. 


    They wrote the same like two weeks ago... 

    Hopefully it is not April, this or next week would suit the release schedule.

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