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  1. Grailed in general.



    Grailed used to be great service. Many good deals and people probably mature enough to sell them. Now all I hear are refunds, claims etc even from my friends...

  2. Sure are a lot of people selling GT-J47s. Is there a problem with the fit or jacket?

    I think it is because a lot of kids jumped on acronym or generally techwear recently and they just don't know what to do with that kind of jacket (shell). I got it too, it's great jacket.


    Has anybody picked up the slip-on boots from SISP this season?

    I'm contemplating buying a pair (hopefully here in sale-season). However most shops only carry them up to size 44 (besides stoneisland.com they have 45 as well). I'm curious about the sizing, since i'm a true US 12/EUR 45. So if anyone got a pair, please share your knowledge on the sizing.


    I am 10.5 in Nike, 9.5 in adidas (2/3 or how do they mark it) and I took 43, they fit perfectly. Classic italian sizing I guess.

  4. I was pretty suprised to see them doing br-c1 and p-hd1's. if only tilak sold them directly. 

    What is the name of Tilak's br-c1 please? p-hd1 is Raven, very cool hoodie but the big logo annoys me a bit

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