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  1. I need crimsons 10us in eu, if anybody could help me out with proxy please pm


    The resellers with these air forces are funny. These are really not for the masses and I dont think they are wearable with anything except acrnm(+-).

  2. 10 hours ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    What are you all hoping for this drop?

    At least something new, original. Not just some gts with different pocket arrangement, webbing, old 3A in black, p10 and 23 etc.


    Those are all cool staples but some real innovation is missing the last few seasons.

  3. I wanted those cargos and ordered them from Soto but they got some system problems and got 15% discount code instead


    Seeing they are "that" green I am not even mad, I prefer the yellowish acrnm colourway. But they fit you good gantz, thanks for the photos

  4. i checked mine and there is nothing there. your picture does very little to help.. why don't you turn the pocket inside out and just look

    It is not my jacket so I was just playing with it for a while, are you sure the pocket reaches there? It could be something personal then but me and my other friend thought it was something inside the goretex

  5. Acronym could definitely invest in some more people for customer support with the Nike money...


    Tapes on the Presto seem like a big problem, they could come without them...

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