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  1. On 30. 3. 2018 at 3:59 PM, merzbot said:

    Has someone already made this comparison?

    World Cup 2014

    World Cup 2018


    Nigerian Nike football apparel may work too


  2. 33 minutes ago, erictheninja said:

    Mayer is one of the greatest musicians and song writers of all time 

    Imma let you finish...

    Discussing his music in here is really off topic but he is above average at best. I only forced myself to listen to it a bit because of his visvim style in the past.

  3. It would be all good if the prices could go back down to what they were in the future. But they won't...


    All I can do now is buying those fancy nikes (if I am lucky enough to buy some for retail)

  4. I don't know guys, this looks like something from army shop and it is nearly two times more expensive that it used to be when I bought my silver xpac. I sold it later because I found it too expensive for what it is...

  5. I dont know, Maharishi feels the same for me like since I know them (thats like 2010?).

    Stone Island (except the money graber pieces like striped longsleeve with badge) feels very good, has its own DNA and constantly brings at least something new/different.

  6. I have to admit that I still haven't seen the original but as a fan of all this techwear stuff for years now I am really hyped to see this version and I already prepared my friends weeks ago to go with me. T-2d for me!

  7. There are some really terrible pieces like the pee pants or j64ts, the reseller grail and some good new/reintroduced stuff like other pants. We got everything and I expected much worse, good season and there is another smaller drop on the way.

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