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  1. arcteryx veilance

    Re. shoes: Even Icebug, which have one of the best sticky rubber compounds in their sole, can slip on the polished marble in some city / subway tiles... Glad to see another pair of Unico
  2. arcteryx veilance

    Man. FO store in the Designer Outlet in Parndorf got in quite a bit. Galvanic, Indisce 3/4, Voronoi AR, Anode Comp. Nomin V1... Even put some of the jackets into the shop window - and store manager told me they do get quite many people inside from that (aside from those of us who know to go there). Some are factory seconds only, but still...
  3. arcteryx veilance

    I have a (also? mainly? ... it's been a while... video) review of Spec Shirt and Stealth pants online. The Operand shirt is similar in material, but quite a bit less unique. Zippered cuffs? Similar (and why I mention) with the Stealth pants: One of the earliest Windstopper pants, quite an ordinary look, and then the "cargo" pockets over the front of the upper legs. Already a very Veilance design in angularity, but also a rather useful design. (This F/W Field Pants are quite close to the material and looks, though. Would love to have them, but I'd need a sponsor :-p )
  4. arcteryx veilance

    Sorry, hadn't been here in a while. Blog posts to write, videos to cut I've worn them in typhoons in Hong Kong and now Osaka, made sure I splashed through the water, never had any issues. Pic isn't even completely OT, they are combined there with the summer Voronoi pants
  5. arcteryx veilance

    Re. shoes: Recommendations you might not get easily, but I've come to really like (and not just - full disclosure - because I have a kind of relationship with those brands: got shoes from them to test thoroughly): Icebug and Naglev. Icebug are Swedish, best known for their obstacle course racing and similar outdoorsy shoes, but they also make (imo) great sneakers. NOW4 look great to me, with a bit of an asymmetric cut to the laces, white sole on black leather upper (in the model I have) - and the sole is a proprietary rubber of theirs which has great grip, plus they come with "Bugweb" which adds extra studs for walking on ice..... Naglev is an Italian startup, their Unico shoe is light hiking-inspired (so, a bit stronger, heavier), with a light sole similar to a Salomon Speedcross and a black Kevlar upper, among other features. Will review both soon.
  6. arcteryx veilance

    Re. China and pricing: Head of a factory in China that does high-end stuff is an acquaintance; they market themselves by their skill and are able to produce to the standards of a Veilance. Cheap production has been moving away from China for a while now, actually. Also, if you wanted to know what's going on, you should look towards the corporation that owns Arcteryx (and Suunto, Wilson, Precor, iirc... lots of sports brands). Digitally connected devices (i.e. Suunto sports watches) and Arc/Veilance are/were supposed to be major foci for them. Suunto hasn't been working out so well recently, but Arc/Veilance seems to be. And that being a publicly traded corporation, it's easy to find some info, very hard to get other, but very clear that they are looking to maximize shareholder value. So, if people are willing to buy at the prices they ask, there ya go.
  7. arcteryx veilance

    Finally got to handle a few more pieces in Japan. 11 days there, 9+ days wearing the Field OS. Only time I didn't wear it was when I was on a trail, not in a city. Liked it before (well, or I wouldn't have bought it), love it now. Passport in upper left pocket, notebook in upper right, smartphone (and JR Pass) lower left, camera lower right - all set. Maybe I should go for one of my video reviews of it, but they are so few and far between for fashion/Veilance, given how little I can afford of it...
  8. arcteryx veilance

    Interesting. Arc' outlet in Parndorf, Austria, still has Component shirts in neptune(?) and black, *one* Field Jacket, Doeln in neptune (blue), and got in two Monitor down coats. Some shorts, too... Maybe still a Mionn pullover. (Not much in all, and that very mixed.)
  9. arcteryx veilance

    Why do you think these are fakes? (Not that it weren't odd, with the description apparently auto-translated)... btw, saw some "Veilance" pieces on second-hand luxury fashion website Vestiaire. Were mainly mainline pieces (and particularly funny since the offers included some women's jackets)
  10. arcteryx veilance

    For me (runner's calves, and not a Kenyan runner's...), that means that the Field pant would be the only current model that fits What are (other) people's issues with 'em? @branespload? Someone above also didn't like them ("Hikercore" was the word...) I'd not least like to get 'em to compare Operand and Stealth shirt, Field pant and Spec pant. Feels a bit like revenants of old seasons, wonder (about showing) what changed and how. Not that Veilance videos/reviews get the tons of viewers/readers...
  11. arcteryx veilance

    FYI: As of yesterday, the Arc' outlet in Parndorf (Austria, EU) had two Mionn IS Comp pullovers (green in M, black, iirc), a Field Jacket (which wasn't yet brought out, still expensive, black, maybe an IS going by how the outlet price was said to still be 840 Euro). Still quite a few Component shirts (black or greyish-blue) and a few shorts. Can only second the fit issue of pants. Spec pants was the last one that me (my calves) well and lasted, summer Voronoi in nylon barely work in the calves (fortunately, it's a hot-and-humid-summer favorite of mine). Operand LS shirt really is (basically? completely?) the same material as the Stealth shirt from way-back-when. The way the pockets are made, over the whole front, it's rather warmer (more protective) than even that had already been, since there are two layers of textile.
  12. arcteryx veilance

    Oh my, thanks. Then the Anode is definitely out; I can barely wear the nylon summer Voronoi (and love them even so) but cannot fit/move in any other Voronoi. So. Out.
  13. arcteryx veilance

    I have two Veilance Stealth shirts and now an Operand on its way. Maybe will "have" to do a comparison/review video? Anyways, if the material is as similar as it sounds, they are far too warm for summer, good for fall, still good with a wool baselayer underneath for just about anytime it's cool to cold. (I rather like wearing them with a baselayer underneath as the Poly/Kevlar blend is quite stiff and not entirely comfortable, imo. But, it's quite unique and holds up like anything; mightn't even want to have called it not entirely comfortable, but it is different.) The Component is much more comfortable, imo, but I'm quite surprised it's held up as well as it has. (Have had two of those for a few years, even in Beijing from summer to winter, where I had to hand-wash them.) Oh, and the Arc' outlet here in Austria has/had some Component shirts (greyish-blue, now mine; might still have some in black). I wonder about the Field pant. Tempting, but still have the Spec pant from way-back-when and the uses of 3L Gore in a pant are not that many. The cut looks interesting, though. Anode Comp pant is also tempting, but I wonder if the material would hold up well, if the slim fit means I can't fit in anyways, and if the nylon in back doesn't make one's ass get a bit too pronounced :-p Any thoughts on / experiences with the pants?
  14. arcteryx veilance

    I have (video) reviews of Blazer LT and Haedn Blazer online, if that would help (though nothing's better than trying on oneself). What nobody's mentioned (too obvious? Edit: Okay, mentioned about the Indisce) is that the Blazer LT is made of a much thinner material, really more for hot weather or to just wear it for the look whereas others (such as the mentioned Haedn Blazer) are much thicker, thus more protective and more of the classical blazer/suit look (especially the Haedn with its worsted wool-look). Going for classical silhouettes in places that don't strictly require those looks is exactly what I'd recommend these pieces for
  15. arcteryx veilance

    Just re. China: I know at least one factory in China priding and advertising itself for their experience - and they produce things which stand up excellently even to Veilance attention to detail. Produce for e.g. Black Yak, On Cloud running apparel, various designer labels... So, I wouldn't dismiss China immediately (much as I appreciate things made in other places with good quality production)