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  1. FYI: As of yesterday, the Arc' outlet in Parndorf (Austria, EU) had two Mionn IS Comp pullovers (green in M, black, iirc), a Field Jacket (which wasn't yet brought out, still expensive, black, maybe an IS going by how the outlet price was said to still be 840 Euro). Still quite a few Component shirts (black or greyish-blue) and a few shorts. Can only second the fit issue of pants. Spec pants was the last one that me (my calves) well and lasted, summer Voronoi in nylon barely work in the calves (fortunately, it's a hot-and-humid-summer favorite of mine). Operand LS shirt really is (basically? completely?) the same material as the Stealth shirt from way-back-when. The way the pockets are made, over the whole front, it's rather warmer (more protective) than even that had already been, since there are two layers of textile.
  2. Oh my, thanks. Then the Anode is definitely out; I can barely wear the nylon summer Voronoi (and love them even so) but cannot fit/move in any other Voronoi. So. Out.
  3. I have two Veilance Stealth shirts and now an Operand on its way. Maybe will "have" to do a comparison/review video? Anyways, if the material is as similar as it sounds, they are far too warm for summer, good for fall, still good with a wool baselayer underneath for just about anytime it's cool to cold. (I rather like wearing them with a baselayer underneath as the Poly/Kevlar blend is quite stiff and not entirely comfortable, imo. But, it's quite unique and holds up like anything; mightn't even want to have called it not entirely comfortable, but it is different.) The Component is much more comfortable, imo, but I'm quite surprised it's held up as well as it has. (Have had two of those for a few years, even in Beijing from summer to winter, where I had to hand-wash them.) Oh, and the Arc' outlet here in Austria has/had some Component shirts (greyish-blue, now mine; might still have some in black). I wonder about the Field pant. Tempting, but still have the Spec pant from way-back-when and the uses of 3L Gore in a pant are not that many. The cut looks interesting, though. Anode Comp pant is also tempting, but I wonder if the material would hold up well, if the slim fit means I can't fit in anyways, and if the nylon in back doesn't make one's ass get a bit too pronounced :-p Any thoughts on / experiences with the pants?
  4. I have (video) reviews of Blazer LT and Haedn Blazer online, if that would help (though nothing's better than trying on oneself). What nobody's mentioned (too obvious? Edit: Okay, mentioned about the Indisce) is that the Blazer LT is made of a much thinner material, really more for hot weather or to just wear it for the look whereas others (such as the mentioned Haedn Blazer) are much thicker, thus more protective and more of the classical blazer/suit look (especially the Haedn with its worsted wool-look). Going for classical silhouettes in places that don't strictly require those looks is exactly what I'd recommend these pieces for
  5. Just re. China: I know at least one factory in China priding and advertising itself for their experience - and they produce things which stand up excellently even to Veilance attention to detail. Produce for e.g. Black Yak, On Cloud running apparel, various designer labels... So, I wouldn't dismiss China immediately (much as I appreciate things made in other places with good quality production)
  6. If you are Central Europe-ish located: The Arc'teryx store in the Designer Outlet Parndorf (Eastern Austria) just *did* get a few Veilance pieces, after all. And a very limited selection of LEAF items, as well. Saw the Doeln coat (in neptune/blue), Component Shirts in Neptune or black, blue-ish Dyadic sweater, iirc. Apparat pant (only one in 36 remaining), Apparat shorts (both peat-like color), Voronoi short in Chamotte red. Frame LS (?). Would have (some) pics and prices, if anyone's interested.
  7. Man, they are showing at Pitti?! I'm so new / tangentially in anything fashion, I only figured out that Pitti Uomo takes place in Florence (and now) a day or two ago. Might have gone there if I'd known...
  8. Yes, very much does. Still my favorite shirts by far, weird as they are. Expansion of Haedn line (favorite blazer by far) also very welcome... except considering the state of my finances.
  9. That's the Ash color in that collar pic, isn't it? In the pics on the Veilance site, I don't like that color at all. Here, I would. Anyone who has the OS in Ash want to chime in on how it looks in daylight? (Collar shape: Based on experience with similar things, not the OS itself, if you unbutton the uppermost snap, it should fold like that easily, holding the shape on its own. I think.)
  10. Can't speak to noisy, but don't even have much of an issue where that's concerned with those Voronoi (made of nylon). Maybe my O-legs help... The fit didn't seem bad in back, though I did notice, when I cut the video, that it didn't look quite too good.
  11. Re. Align pants (new): Uploading video about newer Voronoi and SS17's Align pants now [Edit: Done. Obviously]. Not sure about the material, but could be good. Cut is still too tapered for a runner's lower legs like mine, can't lift the leg all that well (works with the Voronoi because their nylon has some stretch). Cargo pocket placement makes me seriously doubt the designer's mind (who I just connected with on LinkedIn, oops). If you just want to see the Align, jump to about halfway in.
  12. From the Minimalissimo interview: " Longevity is something we stand for. Our products are made to last. When we are looking at materials the durability is one of the primary aspects that we test and implement. " I just asked customer support about the Align pants' material and whether that would be more durable than the cotton/poly used on one of the first Voronoi (which disintegrated after one long flight). And I was told that it should be, but should still be treated with care. Not sure what to make of that, but had good experiences with Veilance warranty issues. (Would have been too many of those if it weren't so nice to get something else instead, then...)
  13. So, you just put in your notice and will be basically unemployed from mid-March. Veilance new season just dropped. Do you a. save every penny you can and resist the temptation? b. at least get those Align pants that look pretty good (btw: not-cropped, cargo pocket similar, maybe, to Spec Pants': much different from Apparat, which I'd never want... wonder if the cotton/nylon material is improved from the Voronoi's old self-destruct material, though)? c. f*ck it and also get the Field Overshirt, so you at least don't look like you have to beg (and have two pieces to review on video)?
  14. Re. the production move to China, I just wonder which factory's going to produce these things. I know the guy who runs one China factory, very much focuses on promoting the high quality his workers have become able to produce thanks to the years of experience they have... and looking at some of the e.g. Black Yak things being produced there, they can hold their own to Veilance no problem. Still, some of the allure will be gone, and coupled with prices remaining the same, that's a somewhat strange position. Only for the gearqueer, though. Too many people won't care either way. (I'm taking bets on prices staying the same or rising. It's still a corporation that The Bird belongs to, and one that's very happy to see profits rise, no surprise.) Continue to wonder about opening a boutique / buyer's club in and for central Europe, nonetheless. If only I had the money...