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  1. Hi all, a guy is selling a "big E" shirt that he says it is vintage and not a later repro. I have a big doubt because the internal label has levi's written with small e, while the red tab on the pocket has a big E. Anyone can explain this inconsistency? Or is it definitely a non-big E original but a later repro as I suppose? Thanks here is some pic:
  2. Thank you very much. Just out of curiosity do you know which factory used blank button backs at the time?
  3. Thank you, a 70505 with this label and no stamp on button is consistent with an original vintage big E? I know that the care tag was introduced at the beginning of the 70s when big E ended but maybe for a short period the two coexisted?
  4. Hi, do anyone knows if this label for a 70505 type III jacket was used also in some LVC repro or only in original vintage? Thanks
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