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  1. I always liked the Lee Storm Rider and instead of buying a repro I decided to look for a not too expensive vintage one. Yesterday I was able to get one from a japan yahoo auction, so it will take some time to arrive here. It is from late 60s or very early 70s and it's in very good conditions. The only problem is that one black cat-eye back button is missing and I would like to fix it, does anyone know if and where I could find a correct replacement? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you. Below a few pics:
  2. I wasn't able to find a thread about these jeans so I start one. My first pair of Lee jeans was a late 60s deadstock 200 bought in 1975 (that I still keep in my closet as a relic) and even though in recent years I bought mainly Levis LVC, I still have a nostalgic love for Lee. Ten years ago I bought two pairs of 101z 1952 japan archives, a dry and a "worn" version, and I love them. Now I decided to try a pair of the 101 premium european series. As I already own two pairs of 101z 52 I choose the 101 Rider in dry denim, they have a slim cut, the website says based on a vintage block from the 60s. The denim is a sanforized 13 3/4 left hand japanese twill (lot #49) that is dyed with 13 dips of indigo, and has a bleu line selvage. It's manufactured in Italy, definitely an added plus. The denim is very rigid and stiff and it seems it will require a good work to break-in, it's stiffer than current dry 501 LVCs, it's like the denim I remember in my vintage Lee 200 when they were new. Summing up my first impression is very positive, quality wise I don't find it inferior to the old japanese archives I own, I like the slim cut, the only thing that I don't like is the leather back patch, why don't use the classic Lee patch that they still use in the non-premium line? Mistery of marketing... What is your opinion?
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