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  1. FS: Acronym P24-S, medium, black, from SS-17.

    Original bag+spec sheet included. I love these but I outgrew them years ago. They are pretty well worn, faded throughout, some patina, and some small holes. They've been freshly hand washed in preparation of a sale.

    $250 shipped within North America, $265 EU, $275 everywhere else.


    I used the flash on my camera so the wear looks a bit more dramatic than it is in reality.


  2. I've made good use of mine every year since I got it. It seems a bit thicker than their other insulators. My favourite part is how the snap closures look when layering.

    The sleeves on it are kind of pointless for warmth but rather they create a more flattering silhouette when it's worn underneath a shell. It can layer well with other insulators for more extreme cold temperatures.

  3. for sale:
    Acronym x Coevo hoodie, white, XL.

    $40 USD + calculated shipping

    It's pretty well worn, lots of fabric pills on the exterior, the interior is not as soft as when it was new, and its shape is warped from washing.

    But it doesn't have any gross stains! and the screen print is still in decent shape.


  4. On 11/11/2022 at 5:30 PM, leg said:

    I honestly think that some models should be left alone. That new collar is really more practical and better looking? Is that stupid hat really better than proper hood? What if I already wear a hat, should I put a hat on a hat? Hood on a snap buttons? Good luck trying not to lose it, because your jacket will be ruined if you do (how many metropolis jackets people tried to sell without hoods? And they’re using zipper). Apron is whatever, since it’s detachable. Sad to see one of the best acronym jackets ruined like that. Literally zero upgrades, just useless features.

    center snap closure and new gravity pocket design are good upgrades imo

  5. anyone sitting on a J84-S in medium or large? I could buy this new but it's a bit expensive for me and am curious if there are any second-hand deals

    FS: P30A-DS size large, good condition. $750 USD shipped in NA, $777 USD shipped world wide.

    edit: pants are an earlier version without those extra coin pockets

  6. oh well. ultimately I don't think it's going to be any more or less useful for me. I filled it with water as if it were a bowl and didn't have any obvious problems with leakage. 

    I was kinda jealous about the hat that came with the hybrid jacket, but I think the built-in neck coverage makes it more aesthetically interesting. Having it be removable like a p30a cuff would've been neat. I would love to see that happen in future jackets.

    The rest of the jacket is lovely too of course, I'm a big fan of the thinner WS fabric. With an insulator underneath it was *perfect* for transitional weather. I totally forget it has the raindrop thing, I think that speaks for how good of a job they did designing it. For *hot* weather I would still prefer a packable

  7. from j28-ws hat/hood. I'm not even sure if this is an issue or not, but is anyone else's like this? There's more than a couple spots on the interior where this black thread peaks out like this. I think it can leak, but it's honestly hard to tell


  8. 10 minutes ago, CountZatara said:

    Does anyone know where the care tag instructions are on the J65-WS? I checked all the pockets and can't seem to find it. I'm assuming it's the same routine one would follow with a Grangers wash. I'm reluctant because it's padded. Any things I should avoid when washing Windstopper?

    lower left pocket.

    machine wash 40 degrees
    use liquid detergent
    double rinse
    do not use fabric softener or bleach
    tumble dry
    iron warm or tumble dry 20 minutes more to reactivate dwr
    dry clean with clean distilled hydrocarbon solvent

    remove jacketsling and close all zippers and fastenings before washing

  9. On 3/9/2021 at 9:24 PM, scamster said:

    it was my first thought on seeing the lookbook but wasn't too sure on the dpm pattern, watching the video reinforced my fear.

    did you cop the corduroy jacket, what's it like? wanted to grab one but missed out.

    nahhh I've just been spectating. I generally don't care for the types of items the dpm ends up on, especially when they have the solid black contrasting panels or zips. 

    Looking at individual product photos I think this isn't a bad season at all. The liner jacket looks nice and the DPM is pretty neat. Straight leg pants look nice too. Colour choices seem kinda weird but I'm curious how I'll feel about em a year or two from now. 

  10. my 2c would be to buy the GT version and then try to get your hands on the E if you decide you don't like the GT when it's in hand. I figure this is quicker/easier/cheaper than buying the E and deciding you want to try the GT version instead. 

    this season is shaping up to be really excellent! these new 3a foil bags are the best looking yet. 

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