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  1. what material are the spikes?
  2. FS: Acronym P24-S, medium, black, from SS-17. Original bag+spec sheet included. I love these but I outgrew them years ago. They are pretty well worn, faded throughout, some patina, and some small holes. They've been freshly hand washed in preparation of a sale. $250 shipped within North America, $265 EU, $275 everywhere else. https://imgur.com/a/ZsAIejZ I used the flash on my camera so the wear looks a bit more dramatic than it is in reality.
  3. I've made good use of mine every year since I got it. It seems a bit thicker than their other insulators. My favourite part is how the snap closures look when layering. The sleeves on it are kind of pointless for warmth but rather they create a more flattering silhouette when it's worn underneath a shell. It can layer well with other insulators for more extreme cold temperatures.
  4. popping in to say I had a pleasant transaction with @Deadassb. A+
  5. what are the chances someone here is selling a J83-WS in large?
  6. for sale: Acronym x Coevo hoodie, white, XL. $40 USD + calculated shipping It's pretty well worn, lots of fabric pills on the exterior, the interior is not as soft as when it was new, and its shape is warped from washing. But it doesn't have any gross stains! and the screen print is still in decent shape.
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