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  1. 12 hours ago, agentbuca said:

    Think there's any chance of a mothersite only colourway? 

    personally don't think so. 

    re: sizing, I went for my usual Nike size, 11.5

  2. oh well. ultimately I don't think it's going to be any more or less useful for me. I filled it with water as if it were a bowl and didn't have any obvious problems with leakage. 

    I was kinda jealous about the hat that came with the hybrid jacket, but I think the built-in neck coverage makes it more aesthetically interesting. Having it be removable like a p30a cuff would've been neat. I would love to see that happen in future jackets.

    The rest of the jacket is lovely too of course, I'm a big fan of the thinner WS fabric. With an insulator underneath it was *perfect* for transitional weather. I totally forget it has the raindrop thing, I think that speaks for how good of a job they did designing it. For *hot* weather I would still prefer a packable

  3. from j28-ws hat/hood. I'm not even sure if this is an issue or not, but is anyone else's like this? There's more than a couple spots on the interior where this black thread peaks out like this. I think it can leak, but it's honestly hard to tell


  4. 10 minutes ago, CountZatara said:

    Does anyone know where the care tag instructions are on the J65-WS? I checked all the pockets and can't seem to find it. I'm assuming it's the same routine one would follow with a Grangers wash. I'm reluctant because it's padded. Any things I should avoid when washing Windstopper?

    lower left pocket.

    machine wash 40 degrees
    use liquid detergent
    double rinse
    do not use fabric softener or bleach
    tumble dry
    iron warm or tumble dry 20 minutes more to reactivate dwr
    dry clean with clean distilled hydrocarbon solvent

    remove jacketsling and close all zippers and fastenings before washing

  5. On 3/9/2021 at 9:24 PM, scamster said:

    it was my first thought on seeing the lookbook but wasn't too sure on the dpm pattern, watching the video reinforced my fear.

    did you cop the corduroy jacket, what's it like? wanted to grab one but missed out.

    nahhh I've just been spectating. I generally don't care for the types of items the dpm ends up on, especially when they have the solid black contrasting panels or zips. 

    Looking at individual product photos I think this isn't a bad season at all. The liner jacket looks nice and the DPM is pretty neat. Straight leg pants look nice too. Colour choices seem kinda weird but I'm curious how I'll feel about em a year or two from now. 

  6. my 2c would be to buy the GT version and then try to get your hands on the E if you decide you don't like the GT when it's in hand. I figure this is quicker/easier/cheaper than buying the E and deciding you want to try the GT version instead. 

    this season is shaping up to be really excellent! these new 3a foil bags are the best looking yet. 

  7. I have a hunch the customer service is at least decent enough for them to send out replacement logo tags if you show them yours is f'd up. It'll certainly be a more interesting topic if they don't...

    I think I read the webbing fabric is different too? I wonder if the webbing differs between any of the belts in the trousers. I thought I had read from this forum that they were using quite a high quality German mfg for the nylon materials (tec sys, jacket sling, etc) so it would be disappointing to see that be swapped out with a lesser quality mfg. 

    The sleeve fasteners on my J59 and J72 are on completely opposite sides. Pretty much a complete blunder for liner+jacket interop. But I don't really have any criticisms to offer because they still design Tilak as far as I know, which is what I would buy if I needed Arc'teryx, TNF or Patagonia type of customer service/warranty to fix those sorts of issues. I'm hesitant about the most recently produced Acronym but I think this is part of an existing trade off. 

  8. To try and look back and see our earlier interests as being somehow more "right" or "authentic" because of a lack of social media or popularity just seems like an asshole attitude. I think I just miss clout-chasing among what was simply a smaller group of people. I would certainly want to think you're a vain show-off if your instagram account showed just you and all your Porsches. However, if I had rather saw you posting about them on the Porsche forum, I would probably just think of you as an enthusiast lol. I guess I feel the same about the whole streetwear thing.

    At the end of the day these pictures pictures people post only show so much. We should not jump to conclusions with limited information. That is dumbassery. That includes labelling people as being clout chasers or vain hypebeasts because simply because of their social media profiles. Pull yourself out of the negativity. When people saw the new J1E as having some kind of influencer marketing campaign, I think it was forgotten that Errolson works really hard at making things, and therefore has a heck of a lot of reason for sharing pictures from other people enjoying the spoils of his labour

    nowadays I actually like the full acronym getup knowing it has a bit of an anti-cool factor to it, at least to some fashion nerds. :p

  9. 7 hours ago, erictheninja said:

    as someone who produces music and owns a few synths but knows nothing about the community behind them, pretty interested in your thoughts around the parallels

    basically they're both having a moment in the spotlight. it's great, really. I love new Acronym and I love the new pro audio gear coming out, but I just don't care to post pictures of my clothes or equipment as often nowadays as it feels like I'm competing for space in a dialogue dominated by people who more than anything are just showing their ability to buy things. 

    It seems like almost everyone eventually yaks about how things were better in the past lol. How could it be true that life has been continually getting worse for centuries? I try my best to not sound like one of these people lol.

  10. It seems like a paradox eh? Is being contrarian individualistic? It's temping to say no, but I'm able to ponder it for a while. It's definitely pedantic but that's part of the fun. Can you be individualistic in a group of 1? 

    Ultimately some kind of strive to be unique seems individualistic to me, and in the real world I think that requires constant change and evolution, or rather just being extremely fucking weird from the start lol. That being said, what could possibly be un-individualistic with sticking with something that happens to become popular?

  11. 26 minutes ago, Appleseed said:

    Yeah, I dunno. Do obnoxious concert-goes somehow make Mayer a lesser-guitarist? Do the Bryan Lee's of the world somehow takeaway from ACR's actual output or make it objectively less-interesting?

    To me, changing behavior and/or interests because of others is the literal opposite of an individual-centric pursuit. If you'd linked ERLSN's SJW Twitter regurgitations to your being out-of-alignment, I could understand a logic behind wanting disassociation.


    Regardless, this is exactly what I was hoping people would get into after @jeddyhsu's remark; so thanks for going out on a proverbial limb.


    I used to have this kind of discussion with a friend who was really into Supreme. Even 6 years ago the brand had already hit a saturation point where he felt wearing certain items was communicating the wrong message. It's a really interesting dilemma and I'm not ready to pick a side, but I'm not sure if I would agree that modifying your behaviours/interests because of what's popular or what other people are doing necessarily makes you less individually-centric. This friend of mine demonstrates individuality more than anyone else I know.

    I personally notice a lot of parallels with the popularity of Acronym and the popularity of synthesizers. It just doesn't feel good when people buy themselves into your tribe, especially when these people don't offer anything to the community in return.

  12. 3 hours ago, Xu Jianfeng said:

    those new old stock pics were taken during the acrnm site restocking SS16 yeah i too think its the SP12TS shorts during that time.

    right i thought they looked like the same pics from the acr "vault" sale. thanks!


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