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  1. 9 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

    Yeah agree it was a decent shop, especially at the time as you say. Mrs MJF9 bought me a Skulls Fab Four wallet from there (it had a little plectrum inside which I lost within weeks) which is still going strong. Also got a pair of Fracap boots from there which I still use for watching my son’s Sunday footy.

    Bought a pair of skull 5507xx ( think that's right ) but I took the size down advise that was the norm on here and they looked like they were painted on , there the only pair of jeans that I returned 

  2. Remember going into kiosk 78 years ago , can't remember why we were in Leeds but we were . Was a nice shop , pretty small but it had a nice selection of brands for the time 

  3. Always wanted a pair of warrens , was always the oxidized denim that had me intreged . Kiosk78 ( God knows if there still about ) had them on sale for like £90 about 10 years ago but they never had my size :sad:

  4. Could have swore I made a similar thread before but it may have been on denimbro ??? 

    Ok so this is a place for you to post ( in your opinion ) the consistently best dressed people on the internet . Where possible mention there name and where the pics are taken from and if there from Instagram have there username in the post 


    First up is the shop manager of Fake Alpha in Harajuku , had a pic with this fella on my other phone from my last time in Tokyo but the phone is toast . Love his style although I could never pull it off myself .... the guy just oozes cool 


    Probably the most consistent best dressed person on Instagram , always in vintage and always looks effortlessly cool 




  5. We needed a bit of a mental reset , been stuck in the house for days so we went for a walk . Where we live is right on the edge of Belfast so at the top of our street we have the beginning of the Cave Hill country park , thought there couldn't be many people about and I was right ... didn't see a single person , you don't see many people at the best of times maybe the odd dog walker but today we had the place all to ourselves 

    We were on a rescue mission so Jack had his walkie talkie 


    But daddy was packing heat 


    Weren't out for that long , maybe an hour or so but it was great to get out of the house 



  6. What is it with people buying flour ( can understand the crazy bastards buying all the pasta and rice but are they all gonna take up baking while isolating )  ? Fancied making a pizza the other day so I headed to the local Co-op , nothing but dust on the shelf , was devastated ..... still not over it 

  7. Well ...... since you asked     :biggrin:

    Taking down jacks old slide , finishing the play room ( tried donating old toys a while back to free up space but you should have seen the tears ) , and maybe make some work benches for the garage but I may leave that for day 3