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  1. Ordered this vintage 1960's British army cadet smock and I'm pretty excited to get it , I'm pretty content with what I own as far as reproduction clothing is concerned so for the foreseeable I'm just gonna try and pick up the odd vintage piece 






    Really cool design and a bit of a change from the regular M-65/51 jackets knocking about , nice bit of wear on it as well which is only a good thing in my book 

  2. :D definitely not mate @Duke Mantee has helped me out a lot with a lot of different things and ill always be grateful to you and duke and others that have helped me make this real . Its awesome to be a part of this community and meet so many great people and many great friends 

    .... and your messy painting is being framed ;)

  3. Gorgeous,  need to repair those cuffs and keep that wearable ... if I were you I'd take it out of work and keep it for regular wear 

    You ever put any wear in the conners jacket ? 

  4. Anyone know any good Japanese warehouse blogs to follow apart from there own and Forget Myself ( I think that's the one ??? ) , been looking to see if there is any more pics ow the fall/winter lineups 

  5. Got some stuff for sale , pm me for any questions 

    Items don't include shipping but ill split it with you 

    First up early 2000's pre lawsuit Dubbleworks/warehouse dw001 . Colour is less blue in person but they were worn a little by the previous owner ( bought from yahoo Japan ) 



    Size 30 

    Waist 30.5 

    Thigh 11.5 

    F rise 11.5

    B rise 14.25 

    Inseam 31 


    McCoys sweat 

    Worn a bit , no flaws to speak of 



    Size 38 

    Pit to pit 22 

    Length 24 

    Sleeve 22

    £60 ( we split shipping cost )


    McCoys ballpark hoodie 




    Size small 

    Pit to pit 20.75

    Length 24

    Sleeve 22

    £60 ( we split shipping cost )


    Warehouse Lockhood sweat 

    Love these sweets,  I have 2 of them so this one doesn't get worn often . Great details on this , the design dates back to the 30's but its a hoodie .... so you can wear it with anything and it fits right in 


    Size 38 

    Pit to pit 21 

    Length 22.5 

    Sleeve 22.5

    £75 ( we split the shipping ) 


    And last up a warehouse baseball t shirt . Never worn , only tried on and put in the drawers



    Size small 

    Pit to pit 19 

    Length 23 

    Didn't bother with the sleeve as its a 3/4 sleeve 

    £30 ( we split the shipping ) 


    I am open to offers on multiple items so pm if your interested 

  6. 20210514_132213

    Nice faded tab on a 1946 501xx 

    I think the dsb with the faded tabs will look great once the jeans are worn in a bit , only thing that put me off buying a pair was seeing the tab on a brand new pair .... this pic has me rethinking my decision not to buy 

  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
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