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  1. 58 minutes ago, Capsicum Fried Meat said:

    Nice fit. The denim is so great.

    What's your size on CSF Flash? This pair is W30 or W31 after shrunk?

    No idea what they measure after shrinkage , they have had a few days wear 

    I'm about a 31 these days and these conners are a 33 , the 47 denim shrinks like crazy though and has next to no give in it 

  2. Another pair for Jack 



    Mid / late 60's 503zxx 

    Thinking maybe 65 ish ? 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Duodequinquagesimus said:

    you know some got insecure...

    now move on? YOU lead this thread instead of talking. Post some shoes yourself or are you indirectly asking me to post more of my shoes?


    Go for it , we all need a laugh 

  4. Bought a few pieces off yahoo auctions , used zen and they were great , took a little while but what can you expect with the world the way it is 

    Got another colour in the lock hood sweat ( have the navy ) , this grey one is a little different though .... apart from the obvious 


    Nice contrasting overlock stitching on the hood 


    The ribbing is super soft 



    Really liked the other freedom sleeve sweats I got from warehouse so this was a no brainer when I seen the felt lettering 



    Havent got a flannel and it may be a nice change from my usual sweat/chambray getup..... the wife wont even recognize me 


    Nothing special but it's nice and heavy for the colder weather 

  5. 17 minutes ago, Duodequinquagesimus said:

    never heard of that Noel but just saw google pics and yeah very very very very far from him

    just because you all dress the exact same means you have the same style or personality?

    sneakers are for clowns unless you are actually training, yeah thats my opinon alright same as i think hhip hop 90s style was clowny too

    Never said anything about personality,  I'm sure your a nice guy ... maybe ?? 

  6. Stencil smudges too much , actually cut one out of 0.8mm stainless steel on the lazer at work ( this was a few months back ) but it was useless ... the card one I made after done a better job but it still smudged . Ended up doing one free hand and while it was better than the others it just didn't look how I wanted it to 


    Edit . It was actually 1.2 stainless I made it out of 

  7. 16 minutes ago, JDelage said:

    So that's the secret of your fades...

    Super cute. We're considering getting a dachshund puppy...

    There cute but ....... very needy , cant sit on the couch without it whining and looking at you with the sad eyes 

  8. Ww2 heading for another wash 


    Patch cracked after the last wash , was a little too hot but i need a good hot wash to shrink these up after a bit of wear 




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