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  1. my wizards looking pretty damn good.


    i honestly think the wizards can make it to the ecf.


    they can and are taking the bulls.

    the bulls are a dope team but the leagues' worst offense is not going to cut it no matta how good the team d is.


    if the wiz luck out and draw the hawks theyll win that too

    even if they face the pacers i feel like they can take em

  2. miami are gonna win another ring regardless of who they play. ugh.


    theyre definitely worse than last year.  both the eye test and advanced statistics suggest this.  lebron went from the deserved dpoy last year to traffic cone defense this year.  still they could just be next level coasting.


    that being said theres more than one team in the west that can take them.


    that being said these said west teams are gonna beat each other up before the heat.

  3. I struggle to see the point of putting more than $50 in a ballpoint pen (the first to make a stupid analogy with clothes get the neg).


    I use Copic multiliners or Muji pen & passport sketchbooks - they fit everywhere when I need to take a trip. And since I sketch a lot I want something cheap to use in quantity.


    i agree about your points ballpoint pens.  partly because i hate them but i digress.  Still, fountain pens and other liquid based ink pens are not viable options at all for carbon copy lab notebooks and other forms of paper.  I have a rotring rapid pro for those awful instances i have to write on non fountain pen compatible paper...


    still under $50 so not being a total hypocrite i guess...

  4. U guys both using a $300 pen? what's the story with these?


    mine is a pencil, his is a ballpoint.

    i got mine for less than $100. i cant speak for the other guy

    i think the fountain pens definitely go for $200+ from a quick ebay scan but pencils can still be copped sub$150 easily


    i think the lava series was manufactured from mid80s - early90s.  original msrp iirc was somewhere between $70 and $90 which adjusted for inflation is still pretty expensive.  anything left on ebay or pen forums is NOS or from someones collection.  the demand for rotring lava gear is pretty high so thats why sellers get away with jacking up prices


    anyways the pencil isnt particularly amazing from a technical ergonomical standpoint.  it has a retractable tip so the regular 600s made today might actually write more stably.  something like a pentel graphgear is probably better in functionality and WAY better in value.  still the lava finish is so damn sexy.  if you insist all your shit be draped up and dripped out not just clothingwise like me its an mustcop  ;)

  5. photo.jpg





    Rotring 600 0.7mm Pencil

    Rotring 600 Lava Ballpoint


    moleskins are shite.  but since it looks like you dont use fountain pens you get a pass.  I have the same lava and 600!


    what i have on me right now




    kokuyo campus notebook

    ink is pilot iroshizuku kujaku

    rotring lava 0.5mm

    rotring 600 0.5mm

    rotring rapid pro ballpoint

    lamy safari

    tombow mono (rip sakura sj100)


    i carry these in saki roll cases



  6. turner isnt really that good.  thaddeus young would have made them favorites


    turner doesnt help them much offensively but will definitely help them defend the heat.  imagine george, turner, and lance switching against lebron and wade.  especially if wade is a nonfactor due to injury which is looking pretty likely


    remember the 2010 bobcats that made the playoffs?  they were simultaneously the leagues worst offensive and best defensive team.  they destroyed lebron's cavs whenever they met in the regular season.  gerald wallace, sjax, and all the other athletic wings played great team defense.  if the pacers can do the same they can take the heat.


    the heat have to answer by pressuring the pacers lack of ballhandling


    should be a great series

  7. coming out next month...








    -internal clock

    -quick switch btw midi controller and step sequencing mode

    -only $100


    this alone with a mpk25 is already a pretty functional little drum machine not to mention the billion other things you can do.  cant believe no one has ever thought of something like this at this pricepoint

  8. my body type is pretty much identical to ryan gosling


    like him i kind of have a long face and low narrow shoulders.

    i lift but i will never have that top heavy runningback type body since my frame is so slender


    luckily im pretty handsome so its not all bad

  9. -around ear:


    akg k501.  already deemed a true classic by headfi peeps.  i got mine refurbished for around $100.  been discontinued for a while but NOS and refurbished easy to find for similar to what i paid.  good chance they end up being worth a bit later on


    -on ear:


    audio technica ath-esw9.  cherry colored african paduk wood or something casings.  stunning example of audio technica "signature sound".  no other headphones do female vocals better.  nice outdoor soundstage.  one of the most confortable and stylish headphones as well.  an absolute bargain for $200 on amazon.  if you ballin cop ath-esw11 or ath-esw10 (urushi laquer!) but 9 is more than good enough with its 42mm drivers.


    -clip-ons (underrated option):


    audio technica ath-ew9.  hands down best clip on headphones ever with the yui g1a a close second.  hokkaido cherrywood casings.  be sure to swap sonic foam for open seal.  will totally remove upper midrange resonance issues some folks complain about.  amazing sound separation, clear bass, especially vibrant and clear uppermids.  besides soundstage, these cans can go pound for pound with some of the top on-ear phones if they fit on your ear well.  fit on these is very important for sq.




    obviously i love red wooden headphones and the audio technica "signature sound"


    note these headphones are *not* noise cancelling

  10. i recently lost my sanremnu so am looking for a new cheapish knife to fuck around with - does anyone have a higonokami? i'm thinking of getting a cheap one from ebay (there is one from japan seller 'akagi-hamono'for $25 inc postage to australia) but i figure i would ask on here. i still use my opinel for edc and i doubt that'll be changing soon.


    i have a 5 year old 80mm blue steel brass folder higo as well as 704 and 710 srm's.  just get another srm. the higo's really are "disposable knives" and blue steel rusts even with lemon juice treatment, etc.

  11. kind of obscure but


    did anyone else know that the undercover jun takahashi X patti smith (neo boy) was not just a onetime collab for SS09 but rather an ongoing relationship between the two that began before 2004?


    The actual neoboy poem of which SS09 mens collection was created upon was actually recorded for and recited during the 2004 "but beautiful" show.  the original version of the poem is ancient though from like the late 70s


    supposedly patti came across some of jun's work through some japanese photographer who had worked with both jun and patti and came to appreciate his aesthetic


    kinda cool.  one of the true OG's of punk was actually influencing the development of undercover across oceans and continents.


    she actually was probably into UC before like at least 90% of sufuers and maybe even before me lol

  12. Editorials featuring womens and mens (wearing mens/womens clothes) were published in So-En, Huge and Smart (a few others too but I don't remember them). Tajima Kazunali shot a few and Katsuya Kamo did the hairstyles. 


    What you don't see on the runway was available in the showroom and in stores later on.


    Do your researches before asking questions.


    scab collection was covered fantastically in men's non-no.  i have the issue and put up scans in an older uc thread

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