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  1. 215's fit like a dream for me.  i can see the "memory wire" being annoying but you should band them up so they dont "resist" on you


    imo 215s are incredibly good at their pricepoint

  2. switched from v60 to wave a few days ago and am loving the results

    are ridged coffee filters mandatory for the wave?

    i'm using a larger cone filter that contours nicely to the wave after some weight from the grind goes in


    also any recommendations on some good hand grinders?



  3. marvin's room is a masterpiece.


    the disarming emasculated sincerity and vulnerability, the oppressive yet almost underwater sounding bass, the intermittent electronic chirp, one of the greatest denouements in recent pop music

  4. im a huge collison since i was a classmate of his at ucla and he helped me win $200 in my 2009 fantasy league but he's definitely a player who is too good to be a bench player but not good enough to start and doesnt have the characteristics you look for in a 6th man


    he had a good game but i think he'll probably end up playing how he did in his tenures with indiana and dallas


    sessions is also another talented limbo pg in that sense


    i really think they should have kept isiah as his contract seems very very reasonable.

  5. reminiscing about when i used to play for a team and my inspiration were the brazil team from the late 90's - 04, it's quite sad actually  :(


    el phenom ronaldo, rivaldo, roberto carlos, ronaldinho, cafu >>> neymar, kaka, robinho, etc


    so yeah 90s brazil >>> late 2000s on brazil

  6. brazils gameplan was hilariously bad.  they got wrecked by counterattacks against germany and what do they do?  play a heavily counterweak system.  luiz and maicon were literally always out of position.  maicon was good pushing the ball but no one was covering for him.  i couldnt count how many times it was robben, persie, and 3 other players going against silva, maxwell, and some random midfielder lol

  7. i hate the media spinning this story about lebron going home to bring a chip to his hometown whatnot


    hes obviously only going back because the heat are done and cleveland has a bajillion first overall picks.  would he go back if they didnt luck out on all those drafts? fck no

  8. am i the only one that thinks brazil still has a shot against germany?

    yes they lost silva and neymar but germanys dealing with their own injury issues


    not to mention homefield advantage and getting away with dirty play


    brazil still has a crapload of talent.  put dani alves in and move either him or maicon to cb.  yes not ideal but maicon was surprisingly good at marking last game.  loss of neymars gonna hurt but its not like he and fred were getting equal touches.  they can slot any of their bajillion decent mf's to lw or just another attacking mid


    germany still favorites but i wouldnt write brazil off

  9. took a year and a half but my lava fountain pen was finally fixed!


    shout out to ron and robyn at mainstreet pens they did a terrific job tracking down repair parts as well as the fix job itself.  anyone who needs a repait job should definitely hit them up


    my lavas are finally reunite and i didnt even have to sacrifice my esprit for parts!



  10. also not to undermine tim howard but i feel his performance against belgium is getting overrated, particularly here in merica


    dont get me wrong he is unequivocally a top 10 gk worldwide and imo maybe top 5


    still alot of the bajillion saves he made werent really spectacular and were weak efforts by oddly hesitant belgium players


    ochoa's brazilian shutout imo is the best gk performance of the cup so far.  imo that neymar header save might even be better than gordon banks save and that is considered the goat save

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