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  1. come next wc belgium will be so beast for such a small nat


    hazard - one of the best players in the world at 23

    benteke, lukaku, debruyne, origi all under 24


    most of their core players under 27-28 like komp, verto, fellaini, mertens, nainggo

  2. im never gonna take off my hcc spurs snapback for a while


    im going to an nih conference in dc

    might be the most important event in my life

    im seriously thinking of wearing it there business suit and all


    shameless bandwagoning ftw

  3. im sure there are diehard, good miami fans

    anyone who followed the team during the 07-08 season would fall under this category


    but seriously the fan base is garbage

    game 3 wasnt the first time fans ditched the arena early

    remember fan up miami campaign?


    miami fans are a sham and mark cuban said it best

  4. i dont know if its fair to say that the heat absolutely deserve no credit at all


    i mean yes they ganged up on a piss easy conference and still managed to be one them most floppiest and whiniest teams

    yes they exhibited classlessness after classlessness (mocking dirks cough, lebron claiming he couldnt flop even if he tried, wades many many dirty plays)


    actually now that you look at it they might not deserve any credit after all.  one thing for certain is that miami fans deserve no credit at all.  worst sports fans in the universe along with miami marlins fans

  5. pretty much anyone who is not a miami or lebron/wade fan is rooting for spurs.

    it may be somewhat unfair but its still pretty much a built vs bought fight in most peoples eyes


    still have this sinking feeling miami will win

  6. with the first pick in the 2014 nba draft the cleveland cavaliers select...


    a raincheck for dibs on the biggest bust in terms of oncourt production to lotto position ratio


    all kidding aside 3/4 man 3/4

  7. ValuableOblongIlladopsis.gif


    the first step to breaking out of that fringe allstar glass ceiling is splitting the double


    granted it was on the break but nice split sugar k

    and nice low key stunting finish

  8. maybe a low lottery pick


    dude is ultra frail and seems to have a weak base too


    he wont be able to great help defense without duncan lite instincts

    and anyone is gonna be able to back him down


    he seems to have a better motor than the other bust skinny stretch 4's like austin daye, etc


    he needs to hit the weight room hard until the draft

  9. i went to ucla with westbrook.  same calender year.  actually used to live in the same dorm complex as him his second year.  i still remember seeing him on random mornings borrowing the front desk's stapler.  had absolutely no clue he'd become a top 5 nba player at the time

  10. what inks do the fountain pen crewe like?


    i wanted to cop the sailor guro for the ridiculously deep, stygian black but then i got scared of potential cloggings. looking for a nice black/green too...


    i've used most of the top regarded blacks but i really think sailor nano ultrablack and platinum carbon are the best of the bunch.  


    i use the sailor right now.  its actually not the deepest black but blows out of the water almost any other black ink in all other categories.  extremely bulletproof (makes noodler bulletproof seem like an apron), minimal nib creep, extremely fast drying, pretty much waterproof, never clogs, and flows ridiculously smoothly.


    amazingly, it also doesnt bleed through shitty moleskines.  probably the only fountain pen ink i know of that can make that claim.  it is pretty expensive though


    for colored options check out pilot iroshizuku series.  imo the absolute best colored inks.  i use the ku-jaka.

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