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  1. I would considering trimming down there, but shaving anywhere else except my face just seems weird to me.

    Especially arms and legs, that just seems an odd thing to do.:confused:

    And anyways, girls love the happy trail.

  2. Have seen alot of talk about at the $80 US price, well its the same as the UK price and i'm more than happy with it, you should see what we have to pay for other brands Sugarcane 47's $310 !!.

    someone wanted leg lengths and they are 30,32, 34 all chainstitched

    Where to buy these S-000's in UK? :)

  3. AIME (W, MG)32 Ledbury road - W11 2AB London

    BLUEBIRD (M&W, MG)350 Kings RD Chelsea SW3 London

    DIVERSE (M, MG)286 Upper street - N1 2T2 London

    DIVERSE (W, MG)294 Upper street - N1 2T2 London

    LIBERTY (M&W, MG)Regent Street - W1B 5AH London

    SELFRIDGES (M, MG)400 Oxford Street - W1A 1A3 London

    SHOP AT MAISON BERTEAUX (W)27 Greek Street - W1D 5DF London

    URBAN OUTFITERS (M&W, MG)20 Market Place - W1W 8AF London


    ty, perfect answer <3
  4. As far as I know, the skinny fit selvage version is not available in london...what you could get is the straight-fit which is not really a modern cut - and has quite a high rise (s-002).

    Ahh .. I see.

    So the ones on the website are the non-selvage, I presume.

    If I can't get the selvage skinnies in london, is there anywhere where I could get a pair? Or are there plans of getting more into the stores, that anyone knows of?


  5. necessary:

    • cute smile
    • nice figure
    • intelligent
    • likes to laugh
    • has cute laugh
    • open-minded (espesh to do with music)
    • respectable
    • petite (not taller than me)
    • great ass
    • DSL (no, not the internet)

    preferable but not essential:

    • wears cute clothes
    • more outgoing than me
    • bit of a rebel
    • unconventional fashion sense

  6. Thanks for the great replys. It seems to me that the Slim Jims might be what I'm looking for? Cool I'll check 'em out.

    Also, where can I buy these from, preferably in the UK or Europe? (online too)

  7. Hiya :)

    I'm new here, kindly let me know if I do anything wrong or sound stupid!

    I was hoping you knowledgable denim experts could suggest me a nice new pair of jeans.

    I like slim jeans (not super-skinny) and I like a low rise, because I like my jeans to sit quite low. I currently have a pair of these jeans: http://www.ebtm.com/invt/5461948

    I like 'em a lot but I'd like a new pair of jeans that are blue or whatever you call the traditional denim colour, but in a similar fit.

    Looking forward to trawling through your suggestions (hopefully :)).

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