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  1. if anyone go to France one day, there is a store in the west side, in Nantes, called Wild Horse.

    Awesome store, I live in Nantes, and I know the owner, they have every april jeans, in every size, every jackets, like distortion kennedy, for men/women.

    If you go to France, and particulary in Nantes, go to wild horse!


    awesome, cheers for the heads up. my flatmate lives in nantes so i'll have to try get him to pick me up something when he goes back for christmas.

  2. sizing advice? Blackbird says they run two sizes large, and I'm about a 34.5 now, so would I get a 33 for a slim yet not-painted-on look?


    Anyone have measurements/experience with Dictators?

    Presuming they're the same fit and sizing as the Dictator Transistors then I'd say size down one, or go true to size if you want 'em a loser fit. I stupidly sized up one, because they didn't have my size and I thought they were going to be much snugger. I'd say they are about two sizes two big after stretching (a little bit). :(

  3. Oh by the way, I was fucked over by that papichulos place. I ordered some shoes from them sometime in July, a week or so later I got a request through on paypal saying I needed to pay a load extra for postage, which I paid. I never received the shoes though, and after emailing them many times and getting no response I gave up. :/

  4. gaydad, stop quoting that shit. it may only be the CM thread but you're still fucking it up.

    nice fit + fading EKLiPZ. how did you size on them? I bought true to size on raws and they were just too tight for me.

  5. I wanna see some faded raws. I have had some dictators for the last 6 months or so and they are fading pretty slowly, but they're getting there. I post some pics after I wash them, they're not exactly impressive though.

  6. Just been eyeing up some YMC selvage jeans and wondered whether anyone had any experience of YMC denim? I did a search and this seems like the only YMC denim thread. They look good quality, I'd be interested to know what the fit is like though.

  7. Ah great, just as I've already ordered them from papichulos ...

    Edit - I didn't pay for any shipping, so presumably they'll be asking me for more money when they realise. Things don't seem to happen very fast around there.

  8. I've always been most jealous of yours since the first set of pictures you took. The shape of your whiskers are beautiful. Even though they're well aligned, you can tell it hasn't been forced. Combs are nice too. They're the same size as mine are but much more set. I don't know if it was ever discussed on some thread but why are combs different sizes for different people? I've worn relaxed jeans and slim jeans but they're still the same size for me.

    I don't think it could be anything else except how wide the knee is (around your own knee), i.e, how much space around your knee there is. /shrug :confused:

    On slim jeans that I own, I've noticed that the fades become more horizontal and don't crossover as much, so less 'honeycomb'ness. I do agree though, those jeans look amazing was ist los?

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