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  1. I think that fit looks great flyordie.

    I just bought some Nikki Sixx's in 32" for 30 quid second hand. From what I've seen/read Julian Reds are good jeans and I'd been planning on getting a pair for a while, just hope these ones fit.

    P.S. They've got some Julian Reds in stock over at bespoke boutique

  2. ok cheers for the input, I'm gunna keep. I guess 'cus it's my first pair of real tight denim I'm just not used to it. Still interested in how the 33s would fit, so I might buy them too when I find somewhere that has them stocked.

  3. I went true to size on the tight unwashed (32") and i've been wearing them for 10 minutes and decided they're just too tight.

    From reading here it seems they don't really stretch so I guess I'm gunna return 'em and get the next size up. Problem is the website doesn't have 33's stocked anymore, so does anyone know where I can get some?

    pic 1 | pic 2

  4. does anyone own a slimmy? is it weird that there are 2 exposed sides... thinking of getting one but i feel like shit's gonna fall out.

    I do, just got it today. Stuff doesn't fall out because it goes into the corner where it's tighter and it just stays ..

    pretty nice wallet, not exactly expensive and does exactly what it says on the tin.

    edit - in order: slimmy, viewslimmy, slimslimmy (kinda wish I got the slimslimmy not the slimmy now!)


  5. Season 3 is hilarious.

    As for Top Gear, it's really good and funny and all that, and like you said it's good also for none car fans, but if you really wanna watch something informative about cars, watch fifth gear.

  6. while mkei's suggestions of Qi, Buzzcocks and Have I got news for you are all good for a laugh, but i guess we have a different perspective on it living over here?

    Yeah, some types of comedy just don't strike a cord with certain cultures I guess. Buzzcocks definitely captures something here though because it's so damn popular, especially among young people. People are always talking about on friday at college.. (before the series had finished that was).

    Ahh.. how could I have forgotten The IT Crowd? One of my absolute favourites, good suggestions Magnetic. Father Ted is also amazing.

    Edit -

    Ignore this suggestion. This show is the worst thing in the history of everything.

    :/ I think it can be pretty funny. Ralf Little is an awesome comedy actor and he was great in The Royle Family too.

    It's not amazing by any means, but certainly not "the worst thing in the history of everything"!

    P.S. did anyone see the buzzcocks best bits? That was so funny...

  7. Never Mind the Buzzcocks


    Have I Got News for You

    Can't get enough of these panel shows.


    The Royle Family

    Peep Show

    The Office

    Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

    and if you're into improvisational comedy and roleplay stuff, you've probably seen the american version of Whose Line is it Anyway, but the british one is hilarious too.

    For stand-up stuff check out:

    Bill Bailey (my absolute favourite)

    Ricky Gervais

    Ross Noble

    Jimmy Carr

  8. You disagree that the pics on royalcheese are joeys? The small fly, back pocket rivets and strong taper make it pretty obvious that they are not the dictator cut, unless everybody else fucked up and only royalcheese got it right.

    ah, right you are.

  9. ok, couldn't find the cable for my digi cam so had to use my phone camera, so their not very good. I'm wearing a 33" waist here. I'm also only 166cm tall (about 5'5") ..

    don't know if these are helpful to anyone but here goes.

    one | two | three | four | five | six

  10. the jeans on royalcheese are just joeys so I wouldn't base anything on that, they are lazy or stupid.

    No they're not.

    I'll get fit pics up in a bit, but I went a size up on mine so they're not as tight as in the pics on royalcheese.

  11. just ordered the a77 dictators from royalcheese, but I've got no experience what-so-ever with how they fit or size so you'll probs see them in supermarket soon enough .. :)

  12. got my beeswax wallies today for $60. A buddy of mine works at journeys, so he gave me his discount. Absolutely love them. They're a little weird feeling with the tall sole but I'm sure it'll wear down a bit fairly fast.

    yea, the soles were always what held me back, but I'm short so I guess I could do with that extra height.

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