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  1. hmm, knowning very little about Padmore & Barnes and with the original Clarks factory only about 10mins drive from me, I was intriqued to find out why all the old wallabees were made in Ireland rather than the clarks factory in England.. so I used the internets and found this.

    They arranged for the necessary training and patterns to be made available to their Padmore and Barnes factory in Ireland, in exchange for royalties on the shoes made. Padmore and Barnes was under the ownership of Clarks from about 1957 until 1987, when Padmore and Barnes had a management buy out.

    So I take it the wallabees still being made in ireland post 1987? If so, presumably they're not 'Clarks' wallabees then? (not that it makes any odds, just seems interesting to me)

  2. those apc plims are very nice indeed, I'd be so worried about getting them dirty though, every other pair of white shoes I've ever owned have stayed white for about 2 weeks.

  3. Kiya and FH junkies....- any info on the FH 4005C

    Just came across them - never saw them before...was wondering if they are still being made - or ancient history

    Thanks for help...

    amazing. would be great to see a worn in pair of those wouldn't it?

  4. if you're measuring to buy jeans, measure where you want the jeans to sit ..

    as for 'real' waist measurements, it should be half way between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips.

  5. rogerw, sounds like you've got the sizing figured out, 29 should be perfect for you. As for shortening them, you may not need to at 175cm, you're not that short, but you can see what you think when you get them. It's best to get them professionally hemmed but if you are confident you can do it yourself. Looking forward to the pics.

  6. Oddly enough, having ordered various clothing items and more from the US, I've only ever been hit once, and the situation wasn't exactly straight forward..

    I sent a graphics card back to the retailer I bought it from because it was faulty, they then sent it off to the manufacturer, who was based in the US or something, they returned it directly to me, and I got slapped with a huge custom charge (which I obviously refused to pay)..

    but on clothing items, I'm fairly sure they've all been marked as gift, as I've never had to pay customs on them. I agree though, it's completely ridiculous.

  7. Is there anywhere in the south of England (and not London) that stocks APC NS? I want to buy some but really want to try them on first. The APC website lists some stores but they are all in the north or in London.

  8. Anyone know of any chain retailers in the UK that sell Sperry?

    Pretty keen on picking up a pair but I'd like to try some on first.

    Also, this might have been covered, but what kind of trousers do you think go the best with boat shoes?

  9. I've had my cm tight unwash for a good few months now and not yet washed them. They've taken a while to stretch out to a fit that I like, and have just about got there now.

    I realise it's pretty much inevitable that they'll shrink on their first wash, so should I cold wash 'em instead, to lessen the shrinkage?

  10. Yea I'm in the UK, but from reading Cotton's post, apparently the vintage flat front chino's currently on the uniqlo website aren't the same as the Uniqlo Vintage Chino that everyone is bangin' on about.

    Might get the ones of the web shop anyways cus they're only 25 quid.

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