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  1. I'd never questioned it 'til today.
  2. Here's a (possibly stupid) question for you, more specifically about vintage levis rather than lvc. So we all know the S in the s501, s506 etc is the wartime denomination. But what does the 'S' actually stand for? Is it 'Simplified' perhaps. Anyone know for sure?
  3. I've got very scrawny legs and no bum. It's possibly not the jeans fault 😃
  4. And after a 40 degree machine wash (although I doubt my machine is very accurate), and 3 inches off the hem... I'm guessing the hip flare will settle down after a bit of wear.
  5. Happy new year to you all. I finally got round to giving my 220s their first soak. I got a bit excited and forgot to take 'before' measurements, but I'm sure someone will have already done those somewhere on here I've just given them a machine wash to get a bit more shrinkage out and once dried I'll shorten them at work. Will report back.
  6. New member of the Denime gang. I'm tucking these away 'til Xmas so will put up pre/post wash pics in a few weeks. I normally go for sz 32 in warehouse, FC etc etc but have opted for a slightly oversized fit.
  7. I have the same machine. It plows through leather, denim and all sorts of heavy fabrics.
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