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  1. mm i don't know if they have the good moving rubber though (old stuff not new stuff), how does it look like again

    Oh, you're looking for the older products. I think you'll just have to buy them online or w/e, since Aberdeen only stocks the new moving rubber.

  2. can anyone hook up the good moving rubber.. pm please

    or this stuff

    Aren't you located in Vancouver? You can buy Gatsby Moving Rubber from Aberdeen in Richmond, or Crystal Mall in Burnaby.

  3. I'm driving down to the Seattle Premium Outlet this week and i see on their site there is a converse store.... Was wondering if anyone know if they will have any Jack purcells?

    In Canada it cost $90 Canadian for canvas jack purcells....wtf

    I've seen Purcells there before, but not during my most recent trip (july 20ish). You might get lucky, and they'll have them in stock though.

  4. Hey, does anyone have experience from buying stuff from the Uniqlo JP website? I live in Canada, and I was wondering if they would ship here. If not, then I guess I'd have to get a proxy.

    Lastly, the Uniqlo store in Japan carries different stock than the Hong Kong store right?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks! ;)

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