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  1. Kane said that we have to wait until the next sale for W+H stuff. Sounds to me like it is going to be similar stock as the last sale.

    Oh well, guess we'll have to be patient and wait till the next sample sale for the W+H stuff.

  2. Yeah that's definitely a given, but I'm just curious for the cuts and materials because W+H uses some random ass shit, but the new super slim fit hoodies this season are fucking sex.

    Dude, lemme know what's up at the sample sale.

    Since I'm only gonna go to the sale once most likely (kinda far away), is there anything you might want from it?? I'm guessing the new super slim fit hoody is what you want?? Slim chance that they might have it, but I'll check anyways ;)

  3. will there be shawl collar sweaters?

    i guess you don't know this yet, but it doesn't hurt to ask ^^

    Weren't any shawl collared sweaters at the last sample sale they had in March, but not sure about this one... :confused:

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